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5 One of a Kind Etsy Stores to Shop Right Now

Supporting small business owners has always been important, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, these shops need customers more than ever. Etsy is one of the top websites for small business owners to market their products, including everything from sustainably made furniture to trendy handmade clothing to customized wall art. With the holidays coming up, I decided to compile a list of some funky items that fit the bill for a unique and even personalized gift for your favorite people.

Interlude Candles

This Etsy shop creates the most beautiful hand shaped candles that might just be too pretty to burn. As seen on TikTok, they are famous for their Venus Bust Candle, which celebrates the beautiful female body. These candles come in all body shapes and colors, making this a gift that has the power to celebrate the diversity we see in the world every day. 

Even beyond Christmas time, Interlude Candles crafted a Pregnant Venus Bust Candle that is a beautiful gift for anyone expecting a baby soon! At an average price of $20, this gift is perfect for a thoughtful gift giver on a budget. 

CeeMee Rug StudiO

If you’re like me, you never knew you wanted a rug until you saw these beautiful abstract creations. CeeMee Rug StudiO seamlessly combines artistic visions with yarn via unique rugs for your home. Yes, some of the larger rugs can run at a higher price, but you are paying for high quality and unique designs. 

On their shop page, you can navigate through larger area rugs, small funky rugs, minimalist designs and more. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another person, you can find anything from plain and simple to bright colored and eye catching designs.

Celadon Creating 

If minimalist artwork resonates with you, look no further than CeladonCreating. This shop features line art which can be black and white or color, and you can even request custom orders. If you need a new piece to add a little artistic flare to your favorite space or are in the market for the perfect gift for your artsy friends, these art pieces are under $20!

The Rosemary Room

Essential oils have been known to help a myriad of health concerns such as nausea, anxiety, depression via aromatherapy. If you combine essential oils with the power of healing crystals, it becomes the perfect wellness cocktail. The Rosemary Room has created a diffuser bracelet that has different crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz with lava rock that absorbs essential oils and gradually diffuses them to provide this cocktail in a beautiful and portable form. 

BeeHappyEco Products

If you follow along with eco friendly product trends, you know beeswax wraps are all the rage right now. Created to replace harmful single-use plastics such as plastic sandwich bags and saran wrap, the reusable wraps made by BeeHappyEco Products are totally worth the purchase. Not only will you be giving up the need to buy single-use plastics and therefore saving money in the long run, but you’re also helping the planet. This shop also has reusable face wipes that can replace the single use cotton pads so many of us use in our daily skincare routine. 

Choosing to shop off of websites like Etsy rather than larger retailers is an easy decision to make when you find awesome shops like these. Unique gifts you can’t find anywhere else, eco-friendly products and the ability to customize orders are all services unmatched by big retailers. This list is a small sampling of the endless list of epic Etsy retailers, so this holiday season I encourage you to take some time to shop Etsy; you won’t regret it! 

Current Vice President and Campus Correspondent for the Cal Poly chapter of Her Campus. Hannah is a third year Journalism student with a concentration in Public Relations at Cal Poly. Hannah is working toward a career writing for an online publication focusing on health and wellness. In her free time Hannah listens to podcasts, walks on the beach, reads self-help books, shops clean skincare and tries new plant-based recipes. On this page you'll find the articles she has written about lifestyle, health, wellness, fashion, current events and more.
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