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5 Lessons to Take Away From the Final “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” Installment

Back in 2018, Lara Jean Covey made her way onto our screens for the first time with a big smile and bundle of love letters for the first movie in the “To All The Boys” trilogy of films. The final installment, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Always and Forever,” was released on Netflix on Feb. 12, and there’s a few key things we will take away from the series.

Do what is best for you

When Peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean’s high school boyfriend, commits to Stanford, she is tempted to go to UC Berkeley to stay close to him. But when a senior trip finds her in New York City, she falls in love with NYU and decides that it is where she belongs. Though it’s hard to break the news, he learns to be supportive of her following her dreams and doing what she needs to do to grow. You will be a better person for yourself and those around you if you make yourself a priority. 

Proximity is not the most important thing in love

This advice comes from Lara Jean’s dad, who reminds her that distance does not have to matter much when the person matters a lot. Other than the prospective long distance relationship, LJ has had to deal with the death of her mother and her sister moving to Europe. These tasks that taught herself, and viewers, that you can love someone no matter where they are. 

Life is too short to hold grudges

Lara Jean and former best friend Gen had a rocky relationship in the first two films, but the decision to both attend NYU helped the pair come together again. It’s refreshing to watch their reconciliation and is a good reminder that sometimes the healthiest thing is to move forward. 

Appreciate all of the love in your life

While romance is a huge part of the Netflix rom-com, so are the other relationships held by the main characters. The film also spotlights sisterly, familial, and friendship as valuable types of love. It is so important not to lose sight of all of the meaningful people in your life and to always take the extra steps to show them you care. 

"Life is beautiful and messy, and never goes according to plan"

This is part of Lara Jean’s last monologue of the series, and it could not be more true or reflective of the movies. No matter how much we want to plan out and be sure of our futures, life can surprise us in many ways, and the emotions we express as we navigate life are what makes us human.

Even if the movies are over, we can take their messages with us wherever life leads! If you haven’t yet, check out “To All The Boys: Always and Forever,” now on Netflix. 

Emi Nishida

Cal Poly '24

Emi Nishida is a third year English major with Linguistics and Child Development minors from Irvine, California. She serves as Editor in Chief and editorial writer for Cal Poly’s chapter of Her Campus. Other than writing, her passions include concerts, romcoms, anything arts & crafts, and exploring the outdoors.
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