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5 Halloween Movies for People Who Hate Scary Movies

I get it. I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I mean candy, costumes, pumpkins, everything is just so SO fun. But I cannot handle scary things. Haunted houses? Nope. Jump scares? Yeah, that’s a no from me. Scary movies? No, but I have found a few Halloween movies that will keep you festive without ruining your pants. Here are 5 “scary” (or not so scary) movies to get you ready for Halloween.


Amazing. If you haven’t seen Halloweentown yet, stop everything and watch it while eating some Halloween Oreos (better than classic Oreos, change my mind). This movie shows a family who discovers they are witches, and they fight against the powers of evil. Debbie Reynolds, who plays Aggie Cromwell, the grandmother witch, is wonderful in this Disney movie. This movie isn’t scary, but it sure will make you wish you were a witch. This movie is available on DisneyNow for free and Amazon Prime from $2.99.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

This classic movie is a mix of spooky and festive. Not only does it satisfy your Halloween scare cravings, but it also prepares you for the winter holiday season. Jack Skellington is bored of scaring people for Halloween. So after  he accidentally travels to Christmastown, he tries to bring those holiday traditions back to Halloweentown. This is a must-see movie, and it is available on YoutubeTV and Amazon from $2.99.

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I don’t know if this is really a Halloween movie, but if you want some blood, guts, and gore scaring you to death, then Sharknado is the movie for you. I love the Sharknado series, I mean there are so many movies that are awesome. The first is a classic. I mean, a shark-tornado is a horror wonder. The movie is about a family trying to survive/defeat a Sharknado. The fourth movie is Star Wars themed, and as a massive Star Wars fan, I thought it was hilarious. These movies may be more for laughter than horror, but they have the same amount of blood as one of those scary Halloween movies I will never sit through. This movie is available on Youtube for $1.99.

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Hocus Pocus

Another classic non-scary Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus is a witchy wonder in the Halloween genre. Three kids stumble on a haunted house and three evil witches escape trying to find immortality. The witches, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Milder, and Kathy Najimy, have fantastic costumes and accessories that will make you want to be them for Halloween. The Disney movie is from 1993, but its magical charm has undoubtedly lasted throughout the years.. It’s on Amazon and Youtube TV for $2.99.

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Another movie full of Halloween charm. This claymation film is available on Netflix. In the movie, Coraline discovers a door into a parallel universe very similar to her normal life but seemingly better. When her parallel family tries to trap her in the alternate world, she has to escape back to her true family and life. This movie is spooky but not scary, a perfect compromise for those who can’t fully handle the horror genre. Coraline is available on Netflix and iTunes for $3.99.

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Check out these movies to get you ready for Halloween this year.

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