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5 Halloween Costumes You Didn’t Know Were Already In Your Closet

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to prep your costume(s). Figuring out a costume is arguably the most challenging (and fun!) part of this holiday. However, if you aren’t trying to drop serious cash on an outfit you’ll probably only wear once, I’ve got you covered. Here are 5 Halloween costumes you can make out of the clothes you likely already own:


This trend has been taking over our Instagram feeds lately and honestly, I’m okay with it. The VSCO girl “uniform” is definitely the most comfortable option on this list. All you need is a big t-shirt, a ton of scrunchies, and Birkenstocks/Crocs/whatever your heart desires. Don’t forget to bring your Hydroflask (and/or metal straws) and save the turtles! 

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Pam from The Office

Remember those “business casual” clothes you bought for that one thing that one time? Now you can put them to good use by dressing up as this idol. Some simple slacks and a blazer is all you need. Get ready for allllll of the Office jokes and who knows, maybe you’ll find your Jim this Halloween.

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’80s Jazzercise Instructor

If you’re going for a bright and colorful costume, this is the one for you! Grab some leggings, a bright bodysuit/workout top of choice, some high socks and you’re set. Don’t forget to practice your workout routine because I guarantee someone will ask to see it. Extra points if you tease your hair.

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Rosie the Riveter

This girl boss is the Queen of Casual, in addition to being a role model for women everywhere. All you’ll need to rock this costume are jeans, a button down shirt, a red bandana, and some bright red lipstick. And of course, you’ll need a badass attitude.

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Cady Heron from Mean Girls

We all know and love her. Halloween doesn’t fall on a Wednesday this year, but you can still wear this classic pink shirt and jeans combo any day of the week. This “pre-plastics” phase of Cady is my personal favorite, so innocent and yet so… fetch.

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These 5 costumes are only the beginning of what you could make out of the clothes you already have. I usually look at my closet and try to figure out what could double as a costume (you’d be surprised how many of your clothing pieces would work). Whatever you choose to dress up as, check your closet first! Who knows what outfits you have hiding in there.

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