5 Fun Things To Do in SLO for (Almost) Free

Are you and your friends are bored but don’t want to spend any money? Well, you’re not alone in this—lots of college students feel the same way. Here’s a guide to some fun things to do in SLO that won’t break the bank:

1. Hike!

This one is obvious; we are surrounded by such amazing scenery and there are countless hikes in SLO that don’t cost a thing. So grab your friends and explore the great outdoors that SLO has to offer.

2. Botanical Gardens

Not too far from Cal Poly is the San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardens. This is a great place to venture off to if you’re interested in viewing some awesome plants here on the central coast.

3. Thrift Shop

This is not free, obviously. However, with so many great thrift stores, you’re bound to get some good items for a fraction of the cost. The Goodwill and Fred & Betty’s are our favorites, but there are so many other ones to check out!

4. The Sunset Drive-In Theater

This one’s not free either but their prices are way lower than an average movie theater. Plus, you get a way better movie experience with two movies instead of one. Bring your snacks from home and save even more!

5. Beach Bonfire

At Grover Beach, only 20 minutes away from Cal Poly, you can have a bonfire on the beach for free! The only part that’ll cost you is the firewood and bonfire snacks, but other than that you’re set. So grab your friends the next time you’re having a boring night and head out to Grover.