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It’s the beginning of the school year, it may be your first time away from home, and suddenly you find yourself sharing a room with fellow college students you barely know. The transition to living with new people can be awkward at times, so here are 5 ways to break the ice and bond with your new roommates.

  1. Powerpoint Night

TikTok popularized niche powerpoint nights this past year, and they seem like a lighthearted and unique way to get to know people’s interests and senses of humor. Some topics users have shared include “Which Harry Styles Era You’d Date”, “Why Pita Is the Superior Bread”, and lots more. Besides random topics, consider also making presentations about the “main characters” in your life to bridge together old and new friends. Or, give a tour of your hometown via a google slides presentation of the most meaningful places there for you. 

2. Card Games

Do you want to get to know your roommates, but can’t think of what to ask? Nowadays, there are many options for premade get-to-know-you questions and assorted icebreakers. The Icebreaker Game has a mix of topics from “would you rather” to deep conversations. Another well-known connection-building game, We’re Not Really Strangers, allows players to ask one another questions on three different levels of intimacy to build relationships. 

3. Art

The chances are, your dorm room or apartment could use some extra personal touches, and homemade decor is a great way to achieve a distinctive look. Get your roommate group involved by collaborating on a giant canvas to hang on your wall or making cute matching door decorations to display. 

4. Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? A great way to bond is by showing one another your favorite movies or reminiscing together over a nostalgic childhood film. If this night-in activity resonates with you, think about making it a tradition and schedule weekly or monthly movie nights. To broaden your circle, you could branch out and invite a broader group of friends or hallmates. 

5. Explore the Town

Finally, take the time to make new memories and share new experiences exploring your college town! You may have to navigate using public transport for the first time, figuring out which local coffee shop is the best, or mapping out the city’s latest events. However, having a friend along for the ride makes everything more fun and can lead to a memorable shared adventure.

Roommates can become lifelong friends or remain the people you share your space with for a year. Regardless, we hope these activities can cut the tension and strengthen your roommate bond. 

Emi Nishida

Cal Poly '24

Emi Nishida is a second year English major and Child Development minor from Irvine, California and an editor for Cal Poly’s chapter of Her Campus. Other than writing, her passions include concerts, romcoms, anything arts & crafts, and exploring the outdoors. Post-grad, she plans to pursue a masters in Education or Communication Disorders.
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