5 *Extreme* Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween can be a super fun time, if you have a solid costume. But for those who wait until the last minute to find their costume, it can become very stressful. So, for those who don't have a costume or just really love makeup, here are five extreme makeup looks that you don't even need a costume for!

  1. 1. NikkieTutorials... need I say more?

    This bride from hell is super extreme! From the covered eyebrows to the teeth painted on her face, we are loving every minute of it! To achieve this look, follow along with her tutorial! With a look like this, you won't even need the veil to scare the groom!

  2. 2. Pretty sure this look is how we feel every Monday morning!

    This zombie look may look easier than some of the other looks in this list, but trust us, the technique that this makeup look requires will surely put your skills to the test. To create this look, you can follow the tutorial here!

  3. 3. Amp up a classic Red Riding Hood look with some special effects makeup!

    Cinthia didn't do one scratch, or two, she did four! And she still looks flawless even with the gory makeup. If you're trying to figure out how to get this look, make it easier and follow the tutorial!

  4. 4. Carrie... but like next level.

    This look is intense! It seems like it might get uncomfortable to walk around all night with fake blood, but hey, we aren't judging! Follow along with Jony's tutorial here!

  5. 5. This may not be spooky.... but we are LIVING for the rainbow skeleton.

    The detail on the rainbow skeleton with the rhinestones and the blend HONEY, we are truly amazed! You might need a spooky sister to help you follow the tutorial, but if you stick to just the face, we're sure you can make it work!

We hope these extreme makeup looks didn't scare you off! Let us know in the comments below which spooky Halloween look you'll be attempting this year!