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5 Badass Figure Skating Women in the Winter Olympics

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The 2022 Winter Olympics have gotten off to an exciting start for figure skating. Although a sport, figure skating is also a beautiful art form. Figure skating in the Olympics has always been my favorite event to watch. The costumes, music, skill and beauty of it are quite mesmerizing. My other favorite part of figure skating in the Olympics: watching badass women dominate ice with force and grace. 

1. Mariah bell

Bell secured her spot on the United States 2022 Olympic figure skating team after becoming the U.S. Champion earlier this year. She also made history by being the oldest competitor to win this title in 95 years. At 25 years old she will also be the oldest figure skating Olympian since 1928. In a sport often dominated by teens, Bell’s determination and hard work are inspiring and make her one to watch in the Beijing Olympics. 

2. Anastasia Mishina

Mishina is representing the Russia Olympic Committee in the Beijing Olympics for the first time this year. Mishina and her pair skating partner will most likely win gold after their recent events. She has also been named the 2022 Olympic World Champion in the team event and was the World Champion last year as well. Mishina holds the title this year as the 2022 European Champion. 

3. Sui Wenjing

Wenjing is a figure skater for the Chinese team in the Olympics with her partner Han Cong. She is coming back after her silver medal win in 2018, which was also her third total silver medal. Wenjing is also a two-time World Champion from 2017 and 2019. Two of Wenjing and Cong’s most famous figure skating tricks are the quadruple salchows and quadruple twists. 

4. Gabriella Papadakis

Coming back from winning a silver medal in the 2018 Olympics, Papadakis of France makes her return in Beijing this year as a pair figure skater. Her partner is Guillaume Cizeron, and together the two have broken world records 29 times, which is a record itself. Their figure skating style is described as modern and lyrical. Papadakis is also a four-time World Champion and five-time consecutive European Champion. 

5. Madison Hubbell

Another figure skater representing the United States this year in the Beijing Olympics is Hubbell, who has already won a silver medal in the team event with partner Zachary Donohue. She is also a three-time World medalist and three-time U.S. National Champion. Hubbell and Donohue have also announced that this will be their final figure skating season before retirement. 

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