5 Affordable Must-Have Skin Products

Whenever browsing the beauty and skin care aisles the vast amount of different products and brands can be overwhelming. We're sure most of you feel the same way, so we've compiled a list of five products you should definitely add to your skin care routine. All of these products can be found at Target and Trader Joes (or Amazon) and are also all under $10! Although, we're not a dermatologists, these are just some of the products that have worked for us. Now, let’s check out some skin care!

1. Trader Joes: Blueberry Açaí facial scrub 2 oz $5.99 

This is a face scrub with blueberry seeds to exfoliate your skin. When using this product it’s important you watch out for those blueberry seeds because they can get stuck in your hairline, this product works really well and is so affordable, we just can't stop buying it! 

2. Trader Joes: Coconut Body Butter 8 oz $4.99 

Yes, another Trader Joes product, we know, we know, but they’re great quality products for an affordable price. This is a body butter and its really thick and creamy. We actually prefer it over the Body Shop’s body butters, which are usually around $20. The nice thing about this body butter, compared to other ones we've tried is that it soaks into your skin and does not leave any oily residue. Also, the coconut scent isn’t too strong, so it works if you choose to wear perfume. I love to put this body butter on right after a shower and it keeps your skin moisturized, even in the winter when your skin usually gets a bit drier.

3. Neutrogena: Oil free moisturizer for combination skin 4 fl oz $9.39 

We've tried a lot of oil-free and regular moisturizers that leave our faces looking shiny after we put them on, but  this one is doesn't even look oily after applying it. Neutrogena also has an oil-free moisturizer for dry and oily skin types. This moisturizer also does not clog pores like other moisturizers we've tried. You can find this product at Target and will keep your face moisturized year round. 

4. Shea Moisture: Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Bar soap 8 oz $4.99 

    Bar soap is a bit underrated when it comes to skin care because people think every soap is the same, but we assure you they're not. Now, we're not saying this soap is going to solve all your problems, but it will help your skin stay soft and hydrated. Also, this soap smells delicious, like a mix of fruit and a hint of coconut. This soap also has small seeds in the bar which exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling hydrated. This product can be found at Target and we definitely recommend it. 

5. Shea Moisture: 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration and Milk Mask 0.5 oz $3.99 

    Since face masks have been all the rage lately we decided to include one that will help your skin when it's feeling a little lackluster or in need of a boost of hydration. This is a coconut face mask and it absorbs into the skin (yes, you still wash it off). While some face masks sit on top of your skin and don’t do much, this one you can actually see absorb into your skin and making your skin look softer and smoother after using it. We typically use this mask on certain dry spots, but occasionally we use it on our entire face too. The mask usually gives between four to six uses depending on how much you apply. This product can be found at Target and most grocery stores with a beauty section. 


These are 5 different skin care products we use to keep our skin hydrated and looking healthy! The nice thing about these products is not only are they a great quality, but they are affordable, making the fact that they work even more sweet. Consider adding any or all of these products to your skin care routine!