4 Reactions we had to Hannah B's debut on the Bachelorette

Monday night was the debut of the Bachelorette and it was finally Hannah’s turn to stand at the other side of the limo in her stunning dress and fall in love. An episode of the Bachelorette would not be complete without some drama, a few tears and of course now that Hannah is running the show, the phrase “roll tide.” Here are some of the highlights of the episode and our reactions to Hannah as the Bachelorette.


  1. 1. The Bachelors are getting more and more creative

    With a fence jump, man in a box and a virgin joke for old times sake (we love you Colton) these men pulled out all the stops for a good first impression. Rapper boy Cam busted out a  rap as he rolled out of the limo sporting the first rose from After the Final Rose and Jed from Tennessee spoke to Hannah’s country roots by singing. Although some of the nervous, sweaty ones struggled, the first impressions were strong. It’s looking good for Hannah!

  2. 2. We are living for Hannah’s angels and their investigation

    We love that the besties are still together because, let’s be honest, we all need a little Demi in our lives. Having your best friends sit in a van outside the mansion, watching the footage to help you scope out guys is definitely best friend goals. Hannah’s Angels (Demi and Katie) even helped find a man who  was there for the wrong reasons and it was only day one! We e cannot stress this enough, you really need to watch the first big drama of the season go down for yourself.

  3. 3. The Beast is coming out

    After watch the premiere of Hannah’s season, we have a whole new respect for her because she establish how this season was going to work. Let’s just say a bachelor went home, far before the rose ceremony. Hannah Beast means business.

  4. 4. Strong Contestants

    It’s definitely still early but Luke, Jed and Cam seem to have a lot of chemistry and we  can’t wait to see everything else that goes down this season. The previews for next week were full of tears and fights as usual and there was even an ambulance, so hopefully we don't have to wait until the finale to see what happens.


Until next week Hannah and men...