4 Old-School Skincare Products that Are Making a Comeback

There are so many skincare products out there that are way overpriced for what you end up getting in the package. Plus, many of these skincare products contain tons of nasty chemicals that simply aren't good for your skin. When it comes to skincare you need to remember that basic is better. You don't need to buy $100 worth of serums and creams to get glowing skin. In fact, some of the best products can be found in your grandma's medicine cabinet. 

Continue reading for a list of top four multi-use skincare products that are granny-approved.

1. Witch Hazel

Ditch your old toner for this stuff. It's actually as magical as its name sounds. Witch Hazel can be used in a variety of ways. It's most commonly used as a toner to clean pores and clear up any excess oil without drying your skin. Witch Hazel is also great for alleviating skin inflammation. Not only that, but it can also reduce the look of under-eye bags which means your week of sleep deprivation won't be too obvious to the public. The brand Thayer's has a variety of Witch Hazel formulas that come infused with lavender, rose petal, and cucumber extracts that'll leave your face feeling fresh af.

2. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Say it with me: vaseline is not just for your lips!! Vaseline can be used as a moisturizer for other parts of your face as well. Applying Vaseline on your eyelids and under-eyes keeps the surrounding skin tight and supple. You may even want to apply it on your eyelashes at night to condition them, leaving soft and healthy lashes for the morning. It can be applied to dry patches on your skin to provide that extra layer of moisture your skin needs to heal and gain back the moisture it was lacking. Additionally, petroleum jelly can be used to lock in perfume by using it as a base before spraying on your scent of choice. It may also be used as a natural highlight when applied to the tops of your cheekbones. On top of that, is also good for removing excess makeup! The list goes on and on..

3. Pond's Cold Cream and Moisturizer

Pond's is one of the best waterproof makeup removers out there for sure. This stuff is gentle on your skin and eyes which makes removing makeup a lot more pleasant. Not only that, but Pond's Cold Cream is extremely moisturizing and has the dual use as a cleanser as well. The moisturizers that Pond's carries are thick creams that lock in moisture all day, but not so thick that it leaves your skin feeling gross and tacky. 10/10 would recommend especially for those with dry skin. 

4. Baby Oil

You know you love the smell of this stuff, admit it. Now this may sound like a weird product to have on a list of skincare products, but hear me out. Believe it or not, baby oil can be used as makeup remover, cuticle oil, and an alternative to shaving cream. Whatever you end up using it for, it will leave your skin feeling soft as a baby's booty. Use it instead of your usual shaving cream, I DARE YOU. Your legs are about to come out of the shower smoother than evaaa.

Now that you know some of skincare's best hid secrets, try these wallet-friendly products and let your skin do the talking. Happy moisturizing!