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Known as the nicest facility from this side of the Mississippi is Cal Poly’s very own Recreation Center! (The Rec or Rec Center for short). After dedicating the past two quarters to going to the Rec and trying new classes, I have found my four favorite classes! Every one of the classes below has been so welcoming and encouraging. Let’s check them out!

  1. Barre Class

Barre is one of my favorite classes to take at the Rec Center. It is only 50 minutes long making it the perfect amount of time to workout your arms, legs and core through pilates and barre work. You can wear whatever shoes you want or go barefoot, you decide. Lastly, make sure to bring a water bottle, you will need it. 

  1. Hip Hop & Heels

This is the best “feel-good” class out there. Whether you have been dancing all your life or want to try hip-hop out, go to this class! You learn about a minute-long routine and can take videos at the end to show your friends how good of a dancer you are :) 

  1. Breakaway

Breakaway is a cycling class that involves fun, high-energy music and a workout that leaves you satisfied at the end. I recommend arriving at least 5 minutes early to find a spot you like and to set up your bike. The instructor can help set up first-time students as well. You can also go at your own pace in this class so do not worry about keeping up with the instructor your first time!

  1. Krav Maga

Everyone should take a self-defense class at least once in your life and Krav Maga is an informative one right in your backyard. You learn many different moves that could be performed on an attacker in various positions. Most of the class is partner work so if you have a friend who wants to come, definitely bring them –if not– no worries, I was paired up with someone random and we became friends! 
Click on this link to find times/dates and other fitness classes that might interest you. Have fun exercising!

Clare Zianno

Cal Poly '24

Hi everyone!! I am a 2nd year English major at Cal Poly, editorial staff member at CP Her Campus, and love anything pop culture :)
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