30 Questions to Ask People if You Really Want to Get to Know Them

Looking back at friendships, it’s hard to pinpoint a specific time that you went from being acquaintances to two completely compatible beings. Getting to know someone’s background, likes and dislikes can be very overwhelming and stressful. Instead of resorting to the same typical questions we ask when we want to get to know someone, wouldn’t you rather ask new, unique questions that’ll really help you get to them better?  You’ll be amazed how much personality is able to shine through in people’s answers if you give them more to work with.

1. What toppings do you get when you get frozen yogurt?

2. How do you feel about Twitter?

3. What is your idea of hell?

4. What stupid thing could you not live without?

5. How do you fall asleep?

6. What do you think is overrated?

7. What do you think is underrated?

8. What do you not understand about people?

9. What T.V. shows do you not watch?

10. What have you done that few others have?

11. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

12. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

13. What should everyone do in their life?

14. What is the best piece advice you have?

15. Do you prefer original songs or covers and remixes?

16. What makes you tick?

17. What movie character do you relate to on a spiritual level?

18. Why do you think people need other people?

19. How important is social media validation?

20. Sweet or salty?

21. What is on your workout playlist?


22. What is your favorite holiday?

23. Are people inherently good or bad?

24. What is your favorite vacation spot?

25. Where do you have no desire to travel to?

26. What is your patronus?

27. What do you wish your patronus was?

28. What is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?

29. What do you wish you didn’t know?

30. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Next time you’re stuck when talking to or getting to know someone, keep these in the back of your mind and be a little more creative!