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3 Ways to Win Over Your Crush this Halloween

Halloween isn’t the most romantic of holidays. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite of romantic – People go around scaring each other and stuffing their faces with candy. Or in my case, stuffing their face with Halloween-themed donuts. 

Anyways, whether you’re planning on being a cat or that giant blueberry girl from Willy Wonka, we’ve created some tricks you can use to snag that girl or guy you’ve been crushing on forever.

1. Go to Avila barn and find the largest pumpkin you can. Carve out the inside, and have a friend help you into the pumpkin. Recruit a couple others to carry the pumpkin (with you in it) over to your crush’s house. When they open the door, pop out of the pumpkin and serenade them with their favorite Halloween song! Music is the key to romance.

2. Figure out what their favorite food is, and dress as that for Halloween. Find a costume that looks as realistic as possible! They may mistake you for the actual food and be so enticed by you that you’ll have their heart (and stomach) forever.

3. On the night of Halloween, transform your house into a scary Haunted House, and invite your crush over. Before they venture into the scary abyss, make a detour that leads them to your room. When they reach your room, follow them in and quickly lock the door. Keep them there awhile, and hopefully they’ll develop Stockholm Syndrome and fall for you. 

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, ‘Wow, this college girl is deranged… Why would anyone ever try these?’ If so, you’re right. I am a little deranged, but doesn’t love do that to all of us?

Any of these above acts will probably have your potential SO running for the hills. If you actually are trying to win over your crush, wait until December when you can bribe them with gifts. Until then, you have Netflix. 

Frances is a third year currently studying Journalism and French at Cal Poly SLO. She hails from the Bay Area where you can usually find her in her local Philz, chugging a caffeinated drink. She is a firm proponent of boybands, rain, Shonda Rhimes shows and the occasional In N' Out run.
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