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3 Ways to Stay Politically Active After You Vote

Americans tend to underestimate the power they hold in politics. Voting is the most popular way to show political support for your favorite policies and candidates, but how should we stay politically active after that? Well, here are four non-partisan ways you can stay politically active after you vote.

Protest (safely)

Over the past four years, we have witnessed a few of the most monumental marches and protests the United States has seen in at least a decade. From the women’s march beginning in 2017 to this past summer with Black Lives Matter protests (that are still going on), it has been a whirlwind of political and social advocacy and it has been proven to work. Protesting for what you believe in sends a great message that our voices can and will be heard.

With that, there is a pandemic among us still so always wear a mask and follow the safety guidelines when protesting in public spaces. A safer way to protest would be through participating in an online protest on social media. This is a more productive way of protesting if you are high risk. 

Lobby Lawmakers

Citizen lobbying is a very effective way to ensure you are being represented the way YOU want to be. If you are passionate about something in the community and you want to see change, you can call, email, snail mail, or lobby in person. By lobbying lawmakers, you are ensuring that your voice is being heard in your community.


Here are some links to help you reach out to your representative! 

How to find your representative: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

How to write a letter/ email to congress: 


Sample of a letter: https://www.martinhealth.org/stuff/contentmgr/files/0/7839d5a334f6f9d0593af4e56248d0ea/misc/medicaid_sample_email_state_rep.pdf


Money makes the world go around, and it also plays an integral role in politics. Any amount large or small will aid in sending a political message of your choosing. You can donate to causes, campaigns, or a party! When donating to politicians, it is vital that you start donating early on. Whether it’s local or national politics, donating early on in the campaign helps the candidates you want pay for expenses like staff, yard signs, T-shirts, website design, and more. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the candidate stand out, and donating early pays for all of the start-up costs.


Causes are also really important to donate to because the money given to an organization advocating for your cause will oftentimes donate to the candidate also advocating for the cause. Most of the time, the candidate with the most money does win due to their advantages and opportunities. On that note, it is crucial to remember that it does not matter the amount of money you donate because it will all add up when the donations are combined. 

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