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3 Ways to Braid Your Way Into Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Well, collegiates, it’s time for another season change – which means it’s time to wear floral prints and pastel colors! And what goes perfectly with that you may ask? Braids!

Braids are my go-to when I want to spice up my hair-do for the day, whether it’s braided bangs, or a full on messy braid! Here are a few of my favorite styles that I could NOT live without!


Style #1 – Dutch Braided Bangs

This style is a twist on the classic French braided bangs look, and is great for making your hair look thicker than it actually is!

1.    Depending on where you want the braid to start at the top of your head, grab three chunks of hair. I typically start mine at my part, leaving a small chunk of hair in the very front. 

2.    Wrap the back strand under the middle strand. Then, do the same with the front strand. (Pictured)

3.    Now, act as if you’re French braiding, but make sure you’re wrapping strands under one another. (Pictured)

4.    If you want a tight braid, incorporate that small chunk that you left out in the front towards the beginning of the braid. Or, if you want a more relaxed look, add it in when the braid is across your forehead. (Pictured)

5.    Once you make it past your forehead, stop incorporating new hair into your braid and continue braiding with the strands you have. (Pictured)

6.    Now it’s time to get creative! While holding the bottom of the braid, start loosening up the braid. The more your pull, the wider the braid will become! (Pictured)

7.    Once you’re happy with the looseness of the braid, elastic the bottom. You can then pin it towards the back of your head (Pictured). Another one of my favorites is putting this braided bang piece into a teased ponytail or a bun to transform those basic styles!


Style #2 – Fishtail

This hairstyle is a perfect alternative for a ponytail on those days you really want your hair out of your face! It’s my go-to style for a day at the beach!

1.    Start with two chunks of hair from opposite sides of your head, and cross them over each other. (Pictured) Depending on how you want your finished product to look, you may consider teasing the crown of your hair before starting the braid.

2.    While holding on to your two chunks, grab a chunk of hair from one side and cross it over to the other, adding the hair to one of the original chunks. (Pictured) Reminder: At this point of the braid, you will not be crossing the two original chunks of hair, only adding more hair to them.

3.    Repeat step 2 until you have incorporated all of your hair into the two chunks. This should happen at the base of your head. (Pictured)

4.    Now, you will be crossing over small pieces from the two main chunks. Pull a small section from the outermost side of one of the chunks, and cross it over to combine with the other chunk. Reminder: the smaller the chunks, the more intricate your braid will look.

5.    Pro Tip: Once you find it hard to reach the braid from the back, reposition your hands so you are holding the chunks on the side of your head. This will make it easier to look in the mirror as you braid. Be sure to continue with the same pattern and direction of crossing pieces. (Pictured)

6.    Continue braiding until you reach the bottom of your hair, and elastic it in place. Then, start loosening your braid. (Pictured) Pro Tip: Slide your elastic down a little to create a little wiggle room to loosen the braid.

7.    Once you’ve reached your desired looseness and messiness, either pull it over your shoulder for a side braid or leave it going straight down your back. Either way, you’re sure to get dozens of compliments throughout the day!


Style #3 – Advanced

This style will incorporate the Dutch braid and fishtail techniques, as well as a little curling action. It’s a perfect way to style your hair in a unique way, and can be dressed up or down depending on your plans!

1.    Start your Dutch braid a little farther back then we had in the first tutorial, so you are leaving your bang area (or desired amount) down to be curled after the braids are complete. (Pictured)

2.    Continue this braid going straight down instead of curving with your forehead, almost like a headband. Once you get to your ear, stop incorporating new hair and continue the braid halfway. (Pictured)

3.    Now, start at the opposite side of your head and begin Dutch braiding the back portion of your hair, heading towards your first braid. (Pictured)

4.    Stop this braid when it reaches the point where your first braid stopped.

5.    You will now be putting the bottom of the two braids together, and putting an elastic around the two of them. Once you have done that, remove the original elastics so you have one chunk of hair coming out of the bottom of the two braids.

6.    Now, start fishtailing that chunk of hair! Pro Tip: I usually braid the chunks of hair I left out of the Dutch braids, so they don’t accidentally get incorporated into the fishtail. (Pictured)

7.    Once you finish the fishtail, cut the top elastic and loosen the braids so they flow together.

8.    Curl the remaining hair. I typically use a curling wand for this look, but any type of curl will work! (Pictured)

9.    After you finish the curling process, be sure to spray with some hairspray and you are all set to impress!

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