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3 Places to Find Shoes if You Have Trouble Finding Your Size

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

Anyone who has feet outside the normal range of sizes offered at stores knows the struggle of finding shoes, especially ones that are cute and comfortable. Personally, I used to buy all my shoes at Payless until they closed last year and broke my heart! Since then, I have gone on a quest to find all the places that sell shoes that fit my feet and my style. Here’s a quick list of three retailers to buy shoes if you tend to struggle to find your size.


All of the shoes that Torrid sells are “extra wide width” which means that the sizing is a little different than most retailers. Normally, I am a size 13 in womens’, but in Torrid’s sizing, I end up fitting into an 11 or an 11.5 depending on the shoe. Torrid’s sizing goes from 6 to 13 in their extra wide sizes. They sell a variety of shoes, from sneakers to stilettos, so you can find something you love for any occasion. So if you’re frustrated at the lack of selection at most stores, then check out Torrid’s website or pop into one of their stores to give their shoes a try.

Nordstrom’s Rack

Now, if you’re on the opposite side of the sizing spectrum, Nordstrom’s Rack usually has great options for smaller feet. My best friend is a size five in women’s shoes and can always find shoes she loves there. So, if you’re searching for a range of sizes in designer brands, this is the place for you!


In case you prefer to do most of your shopping online, may I introduce Zappos.com, which offers shoes ranging from size 4 to size 16, some exclusions may apply depending on the brand and style. Although online shopping can be risky, Zappos is great with returns, so you can order without fear of being stuck with a shoe you don’t love.

Check out these great stores for your next go to pair of shoes. Let us know in the comments your favorite places to get shoes!


No matter what size shoe you wear, sometimes shopping for the perfect pair can be a pain. Thankfully, these three stores make it a little easier to find what you’re looking for. So, whether you’re in the market for some new running shoes or a pair of interview heels, give these places a try!

Jasmine Janisch

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