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23+ Ways to Escape the Stress of the Midterms on the Central Coast

We get to go to school and live in an amazing place. San Luis Obispo lies smack dab in the center of California’s Central Coast, which spans from roughly Monterey to Ventura. It is a gem of beauty, historical significance, and a wide variety of things to do all year round. Whether you’re a surfer, a hiker, a beach lover, or someone who prefers to be indoors there is always a way to have fun on the Central Coast. Although it can feel like school sometimes interferes with this endless adventuring, it’s important to take time to recharge and replenish ourselves in-between the exams. Here are 23+ great ways to escape the stress of midterms on the central coast. 

Day trippin’

Exploring a new place releases dopamine which makes you feel good. Be a tourist for a day in all of these places which are less than a two and a half hour drive away!

Eatin’ food

Are you a stress eater? Then these Central Coast restaurants are the perfect place for you to clear your head and refocus through gorging yourself shamelessly on tasty cuisine.

  • Nepenthe in Big Sur
  • Luna Red happy hour
  • TASTE! 
  • Ventana Grill
  • Firestone Grill

Spa day!

Treat yo’self to some TLC. These spa’s are the perfect place to relax and forget about thermodynamics while you’re enjoying the thermaldyanmic heat of a hot spring or massage. 

  • Sycamore Springs
  • Avila Springs
  • Esalen hot springs
  • Santa Barbara salt caves

Go for a “walk” by the beach

The fresh air and movement of taking a walk can clear your head if you’re feeling stressed out. Here on the Central Coast, we are lucky to have a variety of beautiful trails and beaches to choose from… The Central Coast is home to some of the most beautiful walks in the state right in our own backyard.  

Hit the water

Something about the sound of the sea is soothing. Listen to the ocean waves by taking on the open water in these activities.

  • Kayaking Morro Bay
  • Surf Pismo, Morro, Shell beach. Don’t know how? Take a lesson! 
  • SUPpin’ in Morro Bay, Avila, or anywhere with calm enough waters
  • Wake boarding on Lake Nacimiento

Try a new activity

Returning to the dopamine phenomenon, there are so many other new and amazing and fun things to do on the Central Coast, like horseback riding at Madonna, going ATV’ing in the Pismo Dunes, roasting ‘mallows over the fire at the Avila pits and Grover Beach, wine tasting at endless wineries in Edna Valley and Paso Robles (if you’re legal ;)) or biking along the Bob Jones trail/ Highway 1 on the coast of Cambria.

I am a Journalism student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications, with a passion for writing and media. My blog can be found at https://adulthoodinslo.wordpress.com/ and I can be reached at [email protected]
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