The 23 Things On Our SLO Summer Bucket List

Summer is here! That means sun-kissed skin, beach time and maybe a job or school. For those of you living in SLO this summer, you might be wondering, "What am I going to do with my free time???" Check out our SLO summer bucket list for ideas!

1. Take a class at the craft center

2. Hike Bishops and Madonna

3. Do the Tri-Tip Tri-Top challenge

4. Get an acai bowl from Sally Loos (YUM)

5. Drive to Lake Lopez and find Big Falls

6. Find Little Falls

7. Binge watch that show you've been putting off for months (Orange is the New Black, Lost, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad...)

8. Find the Serenity Swing

9. Have dessert at the Madonna Inn (and visit the boys bathroom!)

10. Visit farmer's market on Thursdays

11. Determine where your local sandwich shop loyalty lies

12. Take a day trip and go shopping in Santa Barbara

13. Catch a movie at the drive-in

14. Go camping on the dunes

15. Do some paddle boarding or kayaking in Morro Bay

16. Try out surfing at Pismo Beach

17. Catch up on your reading list

18. Have a bonfire on the beach

19. Go line dancing

20. Have a picnic at a local park

21. Frank’s Mini Burger Challenge

22. Spend a carefree summer in SLO

23. Find your summer romance… or take time to work on yourself!

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