16 Thoughts You Have While Watching One Direction's "Perfect" Music Video

One Direction is awesome, and whenever a new music video of theirs is released, I am quick to press play. So, naturally, when the video for “Perfect” premiered, I sat down and prepared myself for an emotional rollercoaster. Here are the thoughts that went through my head:

1. Oh, this video is in black and white? Throwback to the “Little Things” video!

2. New York City seems nice, maybe I should go there. Do you think I’d run into the band?

3. Okay, this is cute. It’s like we’re seeing behind the scenes of a regular day off. I’m into it.

4. Niall, be honest, how many times did it take you to make that putt?

5. Harry is an idiot (but a cute one, so it’s okay).

6. Going back to the black and white thing… It makes everything 1000x better.

7. Harry’s dancing! *heart eyes emoji*

8. Is this what they honestly do on their days off? Why is Harry just trying on clothes? I think Louis seems like the most fun.

9. Why does that suit look like a nice robe?

10. Okay, yeah, I’m really into this video.

11. I want to hang out with all of these guys.

12. Why is Harry laying on an ottoman with projections of clouds so attractive? Just me? Okay.

13. Liam is getting tattooed. Actually, literally, being tattooed on camera.

14. Finally, a group shot! Bonus points for having NYC in the background.

15. Please be careful and don’t fall off the roof, though.

16. I am perfect, thank you.