15 Times All College Students Have Felt Like Frodo Baggins

Nothing is more comparable to Frodo Baggins’ grueling quest through Middle Earth than a student’s journey through college. Like Frodo, you embark on unplanned adventures, do things you don’t necessarily want to do and overcome obstacles – all of which help shape your character. You make friends along the way; some you lose and some you keep for years. You do plenty of stupid things. You learn valuable lessons and gain a deeper appreciation for life.
Let’s look at 15 instances where we have felt like Frodo, accompanied by LotR GIFs. Do you feel the Frodo vibes yet?

1. When it’s a beautiful day and you decide to read on Dexter Lawn but you keep getting distracted.

The reality of studying outdoors: You probably won’t get much done.

2. When you hang out with an old friend you don’t see often.

Reunited and it feels so good!


3. When someone is eyeing your food.

Starving college students can’t always afford to be generous. We are as protective of our food as the ring bearer is of the Ring.

4. When you find your squad.

No squad is as cool as the Fellowship, though (they are the ultimate squad goals).


5. When you bomb a test you thought you aced. 

There is an extensive list of “NOOOOO” moments that students experience.

6. When you’re the clumsiest one in your friend group.

Cue flashbacks to every time you’ve tripped and eaten sh*t.

7. When you speak up during a class discussion.

“I have an opinion I’d like to share. Well, um, everyone hates Smeagol and sees him as a bad guy but I think we need to try and look at Smeagol from Frodo’s perspective. Like, Smeagol was once a hobbit, but he let the Ring consume him. Frodo doesn’t want to turn into Smeagol. So, if you think about it, Smeagol is important because he sort of gives Frodo hope and serves as a reminder of why the Ring must be destroyed.”

8. When you have an 8am tomorrow but your friends are luring you in to the dark side with convincing arguments of why you should go out.



When you realize that last drink was not a good idea.

We’ve all been there.


10. When you’re so “turnt” your friend has to carry you home.

“I can’t carry the alcohol poisoning for you, but I can carry you!” We all need a Samwise Gamgee in our lives.


11. When your head is pounding, your stomach is turning, and you’re left immobile by a terrible hangover . . . and then your friend brings a special delivery of crackers and Gatorade.

Suffering from a hangover feels like dying. Crackers and Gatorade are the elixir. At this point it’s really only fair to compare your friend to Arwen when she helps save Frodo.

12. When it’s the night before the final and you are worried about losing your A.

Every A in a college course is a treasure like the One Ring. You can’t let go of your Precious.


13. When you're reluctant to turn in your test because you feel iffy about some questions.

But you know staring at them for another 30 minutes won’t do any good, so you quickly hand it to your teacher and run out of the classroom before your emotions explode like Mount Doom.

14. When you’re overwhelmed to the point of wanting to quit college and become an Uber driver.

Sometimes we get that “why am I here?” moment more frequently than we’d like.


15. Rejoicing when you finally graduate.

You did it, and you’re ready for your next big adventure!
The process of trying to graduate in four years is as daunting of a mission as trying to destroy the One Ring in Mordor before Sauron takes over Middle Earth. But, in the end, it’s all worth it. We can only hope that life after graduation is as pleasant as life in the Shire.