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13 Situations Where You Literally Can’t Even

Sometimes, things happen in your daily life that make you wonder if karma is a real thing and whether the universe is actually your BFF or your worst enemy. Sure, things like spilling your coffee, tripping over your own feet and waving to someone when she doesn’t notice aren’t real problems, but they definitely give you a reason to say, “I can’t even right now.” These are just some of the struggles you might’ve faced post-mid terms or pre-Monday mornings.

1. When you try to put the dress back on the hanger and it keeps falling off.

I give up.

2. When your earphones get tangled

Why can’t the dang things just cooperate?!

3. When you sharpen your pencil and each time the tip breaks

All you wanted was a No. 2 pencil to fill out your scantron.

4. When your pencil case falls off your desk and all the pencils spill over the floor

Please, don’t look at me, class. Just carry on learning; nothing to see here.

5. When someone insults your celebrity crush

Girl, if you don’t think she’s gorgeous then you must be blind.

6. When trying to talk to someone you like and accidentally saying something sexual

Because we’ve all had that one time in math class when you were talking about circles and you accidentally said “circumcised” instead of “circumscribed.” Right?

7. When the person in front of you in line at Starbucks is taking too long to order

Because waiting for your coffee is a struggle in itself.

8. When someone says the test was so easy and you were struggling on question #1

And then you leave that exam to go hide under a rock.

9. When your friend tells you how productive they’ve been all day and you just woke up

Teach me your ways.

10. When it’s Monday and your parents call to talk to you about adult things

Because becoming an adult means responsibilities that you don’t want to deal with yet.

11. When someone tells you she only slept six hours while you’ve been pulling all-nighters the past few days

I get six hours on a good day!

12. When your rather in-shape friend tells you he needs to cut back on the junk food he’s eating to look good

Just eat the food! You only live once–a bag of cheetos never hurt anybody.

13. When someone walking-while-texting cuts in front of you, making you nearly trip over

Because texting pedestrians are a threat to sidewalks.

Whether you’ve fallen victim to these situations or not, just remember what Kelly Clarkson says: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Megan Schellong is a Journalism junior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Megan loves puns, NPR, photography and running (occassionally). When she's not writing, Megan enjoys finding new music on Spotify and reading through as much of the news in her Twitter feed as possible. This year will be Megan's second year with Her Campus and she is excited for what's to come!
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