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13 Signs You’ve Found Your True Best Friend

Friends come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. You may have three or you may have fifteen whom you would say you’re very close with. But you will come to a point in your life where you find your true friend, or as I like to call it, “my person in life.” This is the person who really gets you; the one who you truly see being your bridesmaid someday. Don’t know if you’ve found this friend yet? If you’ve experienced the signs, or anything similar, you may have found “your person.”

1. When you come home to find them raiding your closet, because they “had nothing to wear.” Let’s be honest—they didn’t ask because they know what’s yours is theirs.

2. They’ll tell you exactly what they think of your significant other, lover, hook up or new interest. They won’t hold back, because they love you and aren’t afraid to tell you that your new guy is less than deserving of you.

3. Insults and name-calling are often exchanged when you’re around each other, or through text. If you’re in public, people will look at you two like you’re crazy, but you don’t even notice. It’s all said with the utmost love, baby.

4. When you want to order two late-night chicken and white sauce pizzas from Fatte’s, there’s not question that your friend will be by your side, scarfing down five pieces with you. .

5. When you get into a fight with her new boyfriend over who loves her more… . you win, because of course you do. Boyfriends are a dime a dozen, but true friends don’t come along every day.

6. You’ll tell them anything, from the best to the worst. Even about the time you drank too much freshman year, had to be carried home from a party, and proceeded to puke all night. With true friends, nothing is off limits, and they’ll laugh at you for your most embarrassing stories and cry with you for the saddest..

7. You can remember a key, defining moment that determined your everlasting friendship. It can be anything—but once you know… you just know. From “you held my hair back all night when I was puking” to farting in front of them. These things won’t bother them, which is how you know.  

8. You get to a point where the two of you can communicate only through weird noises, yet seem to know exactly what the other is talking about. This goes for facial expressions as well.

9. If you live with them and have to part for a couple days, it’s like the world is ending. You don’t know what you’re going to do if you can’t see her face every morning. Basically, separation anxiety is real.

10. True friends are always interested in what you like, and most likely you have similar interests. Your power of influence is confirmed when you tell her obsessed you are with Gilmore Girls and she starts watching it so you can obsess together.

11. You know everything about each other’s lives, even the gross stuff. There are no boundaries here. Do I want to know exactly how many times you and your boyfriend engaged in “special hugs” this weekend, or the specific details of your period this month and how many tampons you’ve had to use today? No. Will I listen anyway and provide appropriate reactions? Of course.

12. When you ask most of your friends if this outfit looks good or if you should buy those pants, they’ll most likely just say yes. Your true friend, however, won’t hold back if they don’t like something. Putting that shirt back now, O Wise One.

13. If someone doesn’t treat you well or insults you, a true friend is immediately on your side. They won’t doubt you, just ask, “Do we dislike this person?” If you say yes, they go along with it, no further questions needed.

Most of us find these true friends in college , when we bond over stupid crushes, our favorite TV shows, and probably too many bottles of vodka. Though college ends, these friendships won’t. Keep them close and let them know what they mean to you, and they’ll be around forever.

Kayla is living the dream as a senior at Cal Poly. When she's not writing for Hercampus or catching up on her readings for English class, you might find her at the rec pool, sipping on bottomless mimosas, or combing Urban Outfitters for a new cat shirt. She believes in the power of women, dancing in the rain, Ryan Gosling and the occasional caramel frappacino. You might recognize her by her brunette pixie cut or the cute Kappa Kappa Gamma tee, but don't be fooled: there's more than meets the eye with this sorority girl.