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13 Reasons Why You Must See Cal Poly’s OWN Production

Cal Poly’s Original Women’s Narratives, or OWN, is an annual show that is happening this weekend at Cal Poly — and you need to go see it. OWN is “a play created by and for self-identified women, highlighting intersecting identities to empower women to share their own voices and in doing so experience the power of storytelling for themselves.”

These are our fellow women showing us what it means to be who they are by culture, gender, identification, and power – and we think it is something you are going to want to see. But like the college students we all are, oftentimes people think “what’s in it for me?” Well, if you really must know, here are 13 reasons why you should go see OWN this weekend.

1. March is Women’s History Month! 

Who better to tell the history of women than those who are now trying to change it through who they are and who they plan to be. Not only are they showcasing their culture and their talents, but also bits and pieces of who they are now. If you ever want to hear the stories of our fellow Cal Poly women through an elaborate play of humor and entertainment, this is the place to be.

2. OWN has TWO different showings this year!

Though it is usually a one night thing, this year it has been expanded to two days! If that doesn’t tell you that it’s worth it, then I’m not sure what does.

3. The effort that goes into putting on a show like this is incredible. 

Not only are the actors played by students, its run, directed, showcased, and written by students as well! OWN is a huge way for women-identifying students to get involved in something big and really put on something spectacular that wouldn’t be the same without each unique perspective. They’ve already put in the work, now all you have to do is go and watch.

4. The spoken word. 

Have you ever been to a spoken word event, or even a WOW week talk, where someone is saying something, and all of a sudden you hear people snapping from all over the room because they are vibing with what’s being said? OWN is so much like that. The words and the stories people have to tell will pull you in; they surprise you, shock you, remind you, and humble you. It’s all in one show, but you’ll leave with something new to think about.

5. The play.

While some of the scenes in this show can get pretty serious, other parts are incredibly comical, and you’ll see the actor’s personalities really shine through. You get a feel for what the show means as well as the atmosphere of the scenes being portrayed on stage. Trust me, you’ll be lost in the show before you have a chance to start snapping.

6. The art.

If you love art, OWN is a must see. Not only is there a play, but there is also an art gallery of work created by students like you. The art is showcased before the show, so check out some of the creative work from Cal Poly minds. Some of it’s abstract, some of it is highly realistic — all of it is incredible.

7. It’s cheap!

Need I say more?

8. Get connected with the GEC

If you have ever wanted to connected with the Gender Equity Center, that’s who puts this show on. From movie-nights (did you see Hidden Figures last week?) to open talks, the GEC does a whole lot behind the scenes at Cal Poly. This is one thing they are bringing into the spotlight because this show deserves it. Go see it, then come back and see if you can tell us why.

9. It tells us what it’s like to be a college student rn 


Other than the show being about women or about culture, it also tells us what it’s like to be a college student right now. Growing up, adjusting, struggling, trying again; it’s all there, from mental health to sexual harassment. The stories that are heard in this show are highly relatable— it’s a reminder that none of us are alone.

10. Take a study break!

Finals are coming up sooner than most of us are ready for. Lucky for you, this show is the perfect study break. Tired of spending all day in the library or procrastinating in bed with Netflix? Come to Chumash, and come see what the hype is all about. It’ll be worth the break.

11. Learn about new perspectives!

One thing about college is that it widens our perspectives. We meet so many people and come into contact with impressively different walks of life than our own. This show embodies what college is all about: opening our eyes to the larger world around us and allowing us to take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Who knows, maybe they fit a little better than we thought they would.

12. Free snacks!

We all know college students love free things— well OWN does have a few snacks if you can get there early enough. They also have booths telling you about other organizations and groups connected to the purpose of the show. Be sure to stick around for those!

13. Support your fellow Cal Poly women!

Where would any of us be without the support of the people around us? Whether you have friends performing in the show, writing for it, working in it, or who simply want to support its purpose – you don’t want to miss it, so go get your tickets! There are countless people around us who never find their voice or a chance to speak up— OWN is that chance to speak for the women performing and a chance to emphasize for those listening . You’ll see what I mean.

Cal Poly’s Original Women’s Narratives is this Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 11am — get your tickets here, and tell your friends. Because you’re not going to want to miss it!

Cal Poly SLO Senior, author of Live, Laugh, Love Like a Teenager, and blogger at KWilliamsbooks, Karina is one of countless women with a voice to be heard and a dream to be chased. Perhaps a little bit of both at the same time; follow her on the journey and you can find out.
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