11 Tweets About Relationships That Are Way Too Real

Ah, Twitter. The unofficial home of relationship advice, goals, and truth bombs. Here are 13 times Twitter got a little too real about relationships:


When your favorite couples break up and get with new people super soon .... Uhm I’m sorry but I haven’t recovered from your break up yet

— Court (@nguyencourtney_) October 18, 2017

2. How do you do the thing?

s/o to the couples who have been together for years. i struggle to keep someone’s interest for more than a week but then again im annoying

— Samantha Gardner (@samantharae350) October 20, 2017


3. Sometimes sacrifices are worth it

Does your man ever lay directly on top of you and youre lowkey dying but he's so cuddly and content so you suffer in peace

— relationships (@RELATlONSHlP) October 13, 2017


4. Please calm down

Some couples captions on pictures when they’ve been together 2 mins make me die of cringe  you’re not ‘building an empire’ stfu

— Ché (@che_Mcsorley) October 18, 2017


5. Someone who acts right the first time around >>

Stop begging somebody to act right, if they truly valued you..they would do it automatically..

— . (@lavishpxpi) October 15, 2017


6. What a R.O.D. isn’t

I can ride or die for someone who has serious life problems like financial issues, but someone who's cheating? Y'all can tolerate that alone

— Mihlali Ndamase (@mihlalii_n) October 18, 2017


7. LDR’s aren’t for the faint of heart

You should be able to put "Survived long distance relationship" on your resume.

— Omari (@teslimalabi_) October 16, 2017


8. First of all

"We've been together for a year" First of all, you guys break up every other week

— Gen (@genesiss_g7) October 16, 2017


9. You mean our shirt?

If we're in a relationship, your clothes is basically mine too. Don't ask why do I have your shirt on, this is our shirt.

— relationships (@RELATlONSHlP) October 20, 2017


10. Know your worth, bb

A person who values you wouldn’t ever put themselves in a position to lose you ❤️

— yung ting ✨ (@_niyyy) October 4, 2017

11. Seriously, do y’all have an app or something?

I think exes get alerts on their phone that tell them when you've moved on so they know when to start texting you again

— Bishop Briggs (@thatgirlbishop) October 22, 2017