11 Signs You Live in San Luis Obispo

     It doesn’t matter if you’re a die hard Northern Californian or a Southern California beach enthusiast – everyone knows San Luis Obispo is a little slice of heaven, and we’re proud of how special it is. It’s more than taking naps on Dexter Lawn or curing your hangover with a delicious breakfast burrito from Breakfast Buzz – but that’s a lot of it, too. If you live in this little bubble we fondly call SLO, you might recognize some of these quirks.

1. You need three to four different outfits just to get through the day because of the weather.

2. You’re constantly caught in the battle between NorCal and SoCal.


-No, Dodgers!

-They’re hella bad!

-Ew you say hella?!

3. You learn that Yik Yak is best way to hear about what’s happening on and around campus.

4. You go to Taco Bell at 2 a.m. and know exactly why it’s the highest grossing location in the nation.

5. Soccer is a bigger deal than football.

6. Most of the housing is run-down, but you still pay at least $700 a month – sometimes just for a shared room.

7. You brag about how Zac Efron used to live around here, you’ve never actually met him.

8. You are very picky about your donuts. Most of us don’t settle for less than SloDoCo.

9. You say WOW week even though you know you’re technically saying “week of welcome week”.

10. You walk outside in October and it’s 90 degrees.

11. Your engineering friends talk about how their classes have no girls, but your liberal arts friends always complain about the lack of boys in THEIR classes.


You have to admit... there's no place like Slome.