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10 Tips From Skin Care by Hyram -by Emily Quesada

Skin Care by Hyram is an online website and Youtube channel run by Hyram, a skin care specialist from Hawaii. According to his channel, he is not a dermatologist or licensed esthetician, but the twenty-four year old skin care junkie facilitates skin consultations daily and gives advice from a scientifically justified standpoint. He deeply researches skin care strategies, ingredients, and various products to help you care for your skin. He’s become an internet sensation who can make or break a skin care brand. Most importantly, he can help you find confidence in your skin.


1. We Don’t like Fragrance

This channel does NOT like fragrance. Hyram insists that fragrance in any skin care product (except potentially cleanser since it washes right off) is inherently bad for the skin. In an article he linked in a description box, it states that fragrances in skin care products are among the most common causes of sensitizing and other negative skin reactions. This can affect all skin types as well, so be careful! Always opt for fragrance free products if possible so that your skin is not irritated and instead, soaks up the product with ease. 

2. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

This one may be obvious, but so many people don’t wear sunscreen!! This is the number one WORST thing you can do for your skin. Hyram recommends that you apply sunscreen every single day because if not, you’re going to age faster than a bottle of milk left out of the fridge! Here’s a video with a list of Hyram-approved sunscreens to try. Some notable products include SunBum Mineral SPF 50, CeraVe Sheer Tinted SPF 30, CeraVe Hydrating SPF 30, and Neutrogena Dry-Touch SPF 50.

3. Beware of the Makeup Wipes 

Makeup wipes are seriously irritating to skin. Think about it: when you apply a wipe to your face, you are tugging your skin abrasively to get rid of all the products you’ve put on. Instead, Hyram recommends that you use a cleanser as it is less harsh on your skin. Also, he recommends applying the cleanser softly and simply patting your face to dry afterwards- never tug on your skin!! Here are some of his cleanser recommendations: Youth To The People Cleanser, Krave Matcha Hemp Cleanser, and the Simple Micellar Gel Wash.

4. Eye Creams are Unnecessary 

Hyram says that eye creams are basically expensive moisturizers. Hence, you don’t need any! Next time you’re shopping for skin care products, forgo the eye cream section and focus on picking up a moisturizer for your skin. Here are Hyram’s recommendations- For Oily Skin: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer Combination, For Combination Skin: CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, For Dry Skin: CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

5. Cannot Go Wrong with Cerave

Hyram’s favorite skin care brand that is constantly mentioned throughout his videos is CeraVe. He sees it as a top brand because all of their formulas are fragrance-free, do not contain alcohol (it causes dryness), and have nutritious ingredients to replenish your skin. Others brands he mentions frequently include The Ordinary, Youth To The People, and the Inkey List.

6. Prioritize Chemical Exfoliants

You know those exfoliation products that come in fat tubes or jars and feel like they are scraping your skin? Ditch them. Any product that creates a burning sensation or is super abrasive (such as large exfoliating crystals) has got to go. Instead, Hyram recommends using chemical exfoliants as they are less harsh on the skin and still are able to get all the dead skin cells of your body. Also, even though they aren’t actual exfoliators, Hyram recommends using retinol. He says that retinol can repair past damage on your skin such as acne scars, signs of aging, inflammation- so give it a try!

7. Watch His Skin Care Routine Reaction Videos!

On his channel, Hyram has a TON of videos where he reacts to celebrities’ makeup routines. Besides his bubbly personality, these videos are what made his channel uber popular. He’s reacted to skin care routines by Dixie Di’melio, Summer Mckeen, Lily Collins, and Sam Smith to name a few. Check em’ out and you will learn how to perfect YOUR routine!

8. DIY Skin Care: Don’t do It Girl…

DIY tutorials used to be all the rage. If you remember, back in 2016, there were recipes for DIY facemasks, kits to make DIY lip balms, and videos to learn to make DIY lotions. Basically, you name it and there is a tutorial for it. Hyram recommends leaving it up to the skin care professions, as your honey or avocado mask may not actually be that hydrating for your skin and you may be doing much more harm than good…

9. Skin Care Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

During this global coronavirus pandemic, many people are struggling financially. It may be hard to justify buying skin care products for your skin as you may need to spend this money on essentials such as food, water, and housing during this time. For this purpose, Hyram created a fantastic video in which he recommends skin care products that are all under $10. It may help if you are currently trying to ball out on a budget.

10. Enjoy the Journey

All this new information may be overwhelming, so it is important to know that it is a process to finding a skin care routine that fits you. As you begin to switch up or perfect your routine, have fun with the experience and enjoy the journey. Hyram always reminds his viewers that each year, there are new discoveries about skin care within research and sometimes, it even contradicts old information! So, essentially, there will never be a truly “perfect” skin care routine as the world is learning more and more about this area of health each day. If you can, support sustainable brands as well as this will help push manufacturers to be more ethical and improve the environment. For now, have fun, learn, and be confident in your own skin!

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