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10 Thoughts You’ve Had During Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s nothing like the holidays, and first up to kick off the season of family gatherings is Thanksgiving. After going this long without seeing family or having a home cooked meal, you will definitely be able to relate to some of these thoughts.

1. Time to make up a fictional relationship!

It’s a given that your relatives will ask about your love life in probably the most uncomfortable way. To dodge the “you’re still single?” questions, it’s best to just give them what they want.

2. Will Aunt Kathy ever stop asking about what I’m doing after college?

 Maybe you’re going to join the circus but who knows, Aunt Kathy, who knows.  

3. Sure, my GPA can be a 4.0 for today.

The real question is how high can you say your GPA is before your family stops believing you?

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4. How soon is too soon for seconds?

This is the best home cooked meal you’ve had in a long time, so what if you down your turkey in a matter of seconds?

5. That has to be the fifth offensive thing Uncle Joe has said in the last 15 minutes.

Even more fun, take a drink every time a family member brings up politics! Hack: it will make the argument that follows more tolerable to listen to.

6. How many calories are in mashed potatoes? Do I care?

There’s no secret that Grandma’s secret ingredient is butter. And lots of it. But calories don’t count on holidays, right? RIGHT?

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7. What am I most thankful for?

People who post tests to Quizlet? Netflix automatically playing the next episode? Surviving it this far into the quarter without having a significant mental breakdown? 

8. Can we start eating pie now or….?

The pumpkin and pecan pies are just calling your name from the kitchen. Might as well just sneak a bite during the political argument.

9. How many glasses of champagne have I had?

It might just hit you once you get up to clear your plate, but hey, who’s counting?

10. How soon can I change into sweatpants?  

You dressed up nice for your family, but now those pants are just way too tight. Time to get cozy and take a post-turkey nap.

Thanksgiving is a fun time. You get to be with family that you haven’t seen in awhile and eat food that’s not a microwavable meal. Don’t feel bad if a few of these thoughts pop up, just enjoy the process and be thankful for pumpkin spice. 

Kendal is a current student at Cal Poly SLO, class of 2020. She writes and does PR for the Cal Poly Her Campus chapter as well as blogs for Her Campus Nationals. She loves coffee, animals, and anything warm and cozy. Follow her on Instagram @kendalrosem.
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