10 Reasons Why You Should Start Celebrating Christmas Right Now

Christmas is the best time of the year! It’s all about love, giving and spreading cheer (and singing loud for all to hear). You get to spend time with your family and friends and snuggle while watching Christmas movies. The house always smells like your mom’s delicious, homemade cookies and the fresh cut pine tree. So cue the warm fuzzy feelings and hugs: here’s why it’s never too early to celebrate Christmas!

1. All of your favorite Christmas movies start playing on television in November. 

2. Starbucks brings back all of your favorite holiday drinks and their famous holiday cup. 

3. Stores start putting out all of their shiny, sparkly Christmas decorations.

4. There are numerous holiday treat recipes on Pinterest that you want to try.

5. Christmas music is so happy and jolly and puts you in such a merry mood.

6. You really want to pull out your ugly sweater!

7. You get to start buying Christmas gifts for all of your loved ones and take advantage of all the amazing sales.

8. All of your beautiful Christmas decorations deserve to be on display for as long as possible.

9. Because any season that’s about love and generosity should last longer than 25 days.

10. And as Andy Williams says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No matter what the reason, it’s never too early to start the Christmas season. So what are you waiting for? For we need a little Christmas now!