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The 10 Best Tweets About the Presidential Debate

The first 2016 presidential debate was full of so many hilarious moments, from the mudslinging to the accusations from both presidential candidates. These tweets were able to perfectly capture the essence of this debate in 140 characters or less.

1. When Jerry Springer thought that Hillary Clinton was very presidential and should belong in the White House, but Donald Trump was so unqualified to be President that he only belonged on Springer’s show.

2. When Hillary Clinton threw some major shade on Trump’s economic plan, who couldn’t stop laughing? Would you like some ice for that burn, Trump?

3. This tweet perfectly captures the hilarious facial expressions that the candidates made throughout the debates. Hillary’s laugh is too much!

4. Sarah Silverman, who is most definitely a Clinton supporter, tweeted this about Trump, and it’s amazing.

5. Trust us, it wasn’t just the people in the audience laughing.

6. Why not, Donald Trump? You have blamed her for everything else so far.

7. Okay, this comment was just a complete curve ball. Like what?

8. I mean, Trump said he knows cyber is tough because his 10 year old son is good at computers.

9. Yaaasss!

10. Seriously? The IRS even said it was permissible to release your tax returns while under an audit.

I’m sure the next presidential debate will be just as eventful, and the tweets just as funny.

Emily Veith was previously the Branded Content Copywriter at Her Campus, where she works to create fun and engaging native editorial and social content. Emily has also authored political articles for Restless Magazine and numerous inspirational and empowering pieces for Project Wednesday. When she isn't writing, she can be found flying off to her next adventure, attempting new recipes, listening to one of her infinite playlists on Spotify, or cuddling with her dogs. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @emilycveith.
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