The World Will Never Be the Same

Musical mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and stars in this work of genius, inspired by a biography of a tenacious immigrant orphan who changed history. It is a story of friendship, fighting, politics, romance and duels, conveyed through anything from ballads to rap battles. There are a million reasons to check out this awesome production. Good luck getting tickets - it’s so good it sold out. 

1. The music is so catchy you’ll be singing about the founding fathers like they’re N.W.A.

2. For those not into theater, it’s a musical minus the “Broadway” sound.

3. For classic musical theater lovers like myself, Hamilton takes Andrew Lloyd Webber to a whole new level.

4. History is made with none other than rap battles

5. Hamilton purposefully features individuals of many ethnicities in order to bring the story of America’s beginnings into the modern age. 

6. History often seems to focus on men, but here, women are equal.

7. You’ll be learning American history, and you’ll love it.