For the Women Who Made Me The Person I Am Today

I never asked to be brought into this world. I never thought I had a purpose for life or any dreams that I thought I could accomplish. But that wasn’t until You showed me what You wanted me to do and how my life is not a roller coaster but a life built upon seasons of death and revival. You showed me things that no one ever can and You brought me a peace that no one can ever bring. I gave my life to You as a child, unknowingly, but it wasn’t until I was older that I gave my everything to You, because I truly knew what You sacrificed for me. You are my Alpha and my Omega, You are my everything. Thank you for making me the devoted woman I am today.

                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

For a long time in my life, I remember being angry with you. Angry that you didn’t understand what I going through, angry that I couldn’t feel like could trust you anymore, angry that you it made it seem like my life was all flowers and no rain. But it wasn’t until I was older that I saw how much I was like you and understood what you went through. I understand that your childhood was hell but still you kept walking. I understand that no one ever taught you what true love looked like but still you gave me your everything. I see the years of cleaning on floors and working endless hours streaked across the strands of your gray hair. I see the battles that you had to fight to bring me here written in the lines of your forehead. I feel the pain that you hold deep inside when the pain of my childhood is spilt on the patterns of my pillow. I feel the hot coals that you walk on when I walk into a room of people who no longer care for me. But even through your trials and tribulations, still you rise. I have learned to be strong and courageous from watching you fight your battles everyday. I have learned to love by witnessing how you see the good in everyone. I am learning to become a woman of God because you taught me to always rely on God, even when life does not go my way. You have taught me what it means to be an amazing mother, that gives her children everything, even when she does not have enough. I know that I when I have my own children, I will always to look to you for guidance and support. You are my person. And p.s. I love you mom.

                                                                  Photo Courtsey of Author

You raised six children plus two grandchildren and still you dedicated your time to the kids at church. You made more pasta than Chef Boyardee to feed hungry adults and toddlers on many different occasions. You spend every Sunday making dinner and time for your family just to see their smiling faces. You answer every time when I call and you’re always there to talk to. You are always there to say ‘i love you’ or tell me how funny I was, even when I didn’t think I was. You find time for everyone who shows up to your door even when you have a busy day. You showed me how to embrace my passion for kids of all ages and what it means to dedicate my time to them. You showed me what it means to devote everything to God and family and how to make pasta for the masses. I learned how to care for a ministry that I never thought I would be a part of and how to love two little kids that have now become my entire world. You made me see what it means to give thanks to God for everything that has happened in your life, no matter the good, bad, or ugly. And even though you didn’t do it intentionally, you gave me two girls I know I can rely on for a good workout and another I know I can share a bag of hot cheetos with, so thank you for Grace and Isabella. You are an inspiration and a second mom. And btw I love you Ms. Pam.

                                                                  Photo Courtesy of Author

with all my love,