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Why You Should Go to the International Women’s Day Celebration

Her Campus Cal Lutheran is hosting the International Women’s Day Celebration on March 8th on the Spine! The celebration will be taking place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This event will have various clubs and organizations that will be providing different activities and prizes to those who stop by their tables. Here are 10 reasons as to why you should go to this celebration!

1. Her Campus will be there! We will be welcoming everyone who comes and providing prizes! All you need to do is participate in the spin the wheel game!Photo courtesy of Her Campus Cal Lutheran

2. Be informed! Relay for Life will be handing out information about women’s cancer. 

3. College Democrats will also be present! If you have a knack for history, come participate in their women’s history game.

4. If you’re having a bad day come stop by, the Happiness Club will be giving out compliments! 

5. The League of Student Nurses will be passing out brochures and flyers about health and well-being. Learn more about how to keep yourself healthy, mentally and physically!Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

6. To continue with ideas of being mindful, the Counseling Center will be doing a self-care activity! The Wellness Center will also be providing information about women’s sports. 

7. Career Services will be hosting a true or false salary game! You can also be inspired by the information they will be providing about women in the workforce and women in male-dominated fields. In addition, the Latin America Student Organization, LASO, will have information about Latina women. The Veterans office will have information about female veterans! 

8. Brighten your day even more! Stop by the iCLU table; they’ll be handing out flowers and playing music throughout the whole event!Photo courtesy of StockSnap.io

9. Get your picture taken! CLU TV will be taking Polaroid pictures and they’ll be having a raffle! Come by and find out what the prizes will be!Photo courtesy of Pexel.com

10. The Center for Equality and Justice will be providing information about human trafficking. Obviously this is an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but take the time to really learn about what’s happening and see what you can do to help.

These are just some of the activities you can participate in for this celebration. Stop by and learn new things about women and their presence in the world! Hope to see you there!


Kyla Buenaventura

Cal Lutheran '19

Kyla Buenaventura was the Writing Director and Senior Editor for Her Campus at Cal Lutheran from 2017-2019. She double majored in Economics and Political Science with an emphasis in Law and Public Policy. When she was still at Cal Lutheran, she loved writing and inspiring her Writing Team to express their love and passion for topics through their own unique writing styles. 
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