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Top Dogs that are Follow-Worthy on Social Media

Happy Year of the Dog! Accounts that feature dogs have become a huge thing in social media- they’re a worthy follow and the posts are such a treat on your feed. In honor of Chinese New Year, here are some adorable dog Instagram accounts that I follow!

Smiley aka @fortheloveofsmileySmiley was a dog that saw through his heart. He was found in a puppy mill and was born without any eyes. He crossed the rainbow bridge last year, but still lives on as a poster dog for disabled dogs. His owner, Joanne George, wrote a book about Smiley called Smiley: A Journey of Love. It is sold on Amazon.

Doug aka @dougthepugIf you want goofy pictures of a pug, following Doug’s account will be perfect for you. His photos are bright, colorful, and fun. You can tell he is up for any occasion, even Girl Scout Cookie Season.

Ramsey aka @bluestaffyThis adorable blue staffy terrier named Ramsey is raising awareness of how lovely pit bulls really are. Ramsey’s Instagram account is very aesthetically pleasing and is great to scroll through on a relaxing day. 

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