Tokyo Fashion Week

Once Paris Fashion Week is over, many people assume that it’s all over and we have to wait till spring to see more fashion. However, that is false. Fashion Week continues all over the global from Spain to Seoul. Currently during this time, it is Tokyo Fashion Week! Let’s take a look and see what some designers have to display this season.

Bed j.w. Ford is an odd name isn't it? But once you look past it, the clothes are actually interesting and eye catching. Dark, heavily draped clothes were what the models displayed for us. This collection is very masculine inspired but there is no rule that says women can’t wear this.

Anne Sofie Madsen created a spectacular collection this season with earthy tones and abstract patterns. The designer herself stated that “I’ve been really fascinated with failures and flaws. It is quite Japenese, actually.”

Asian Fashion Meets Tokyo is a pretty incredible label. They are a select group of designers from Southeast Asia who are given the opportunity to be showcased during Tokyo Fashion Week. From previous years they have had designers from Indonesia and Vietnam, but this year all the designers were from the Philippines.