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As the second semester wraps up and summer begins there is one thing on a lot of girls' minds...Hot Girl Summer!!! I think a lot of us want to be glowing and feeling confident this summer, so I have compiled a quick list of tips and tricks to achieve that goal. And they can be done during finals week as well to help you relax!

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  1. Drink lots of water! Remembering to drink water throughout the day will help clear up your skin and even boosts your energy levels. And when you have the energy you look more confident. So drink your water to attain that glow!

  2. Spend some time in the sun! If you spend just a little bit of time in the sun or spend the weekend at the beach you can get a nice tan for the summer. Having a tan is a summer essential and can even help you look toned and glowy.

  3. Find confidence in your body! If working out makes you feel good in your own skin then work out; but if working out is not your thing, then don’t! Find things you like about yourself and it’ll get easier to find more ways to love yourself and be confident.

  4. Meditate or do some yoga! Either of these activities can help clear your mind. Having a clear mind is key to hot girl summer because why should you be stressed during the summer?! Plus, a person at ease looks way more confident.

  5. Find a skincare routine you like! Finding a skincare routine that fits your skin is essential. I highly recommend finding moisturizer with SPF in it for the summer so you can worry less about sunburn and more about having fun.

  6. Lastly, remember that confidence is a facade! It’s like faking it till you make it. If you think of yourself as confident and then walk around like you’re confident people will think you’re confident as well! It’s pretty simple once you get it down. But tricking yourself into thinking this way can be difficult. Just try to channel some of your favorite idols. Famous people are almost always confident because they need to be.

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Now that you’ve read my tips and tricks to achieving Hot Girl Summer, go out and finish the semester with confidence and have an awesome summer!! I hope you all glow and feel good in your own skin.

Eriika Passi

Cal Lutheran '24

Hi my name is Eriika. I am a freshman business major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship!! I love to write and blog as a pass time:)
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