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On September 30, 2015 CLU Veterans’ Resources will bring to campus awareness of the suicide of veterans. Their event will combine a display of statistics with an arrangement of tiny plastic soldiers in the shape of a semi-colon to acknowledge basis of their campaign. Veterans’ Resources decided to use the idea of the semi colon in order to bring in even more attention. The semi colon campaign is based around the idea that “this is not the end but a new beginning” (Project Semicolon). The statistics are quite frankly horrifying as about 8,000 veterans take their life each year. The data worsens – 6,809 veterans were killed in the Global War on Terror. The yearly suicide rate of veterans continues to goes up as the years go by.

CLU Veterans’ Resources specifically decided to inform the public of this, as veterans are very special people in our community. Veterans continue to fight for our freedom and country despite how hard the job may be. They give up more than any human should in order to keep America safe. It is truly important to honor all veterans, both male and female, due to the sacrifices they make daily.

Help keep a veteran from ending his or her life by calling Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-8255 (press 1) if you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal tendencies.

Be sure to stop by the spine today to show your support.

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