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Thank You Cal Lutheran

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

After four years of college, my time at Cal Lutheran is sadly ending and I’m rejecting that reality. As I’m writing this article, I’m sitting on my couch in my college dorm next to my very best friends that I met freshman year. We were random roommates since all of us knew almost no one before attending the school (which is scary to think about, what a leap of faith!) but these random roommates and I quickly realized that we were picked to live with each other for a reason. I think the three of us could agree that we thank Cal Lutheran for that. 

Thank you for giving me confidence

Before I came to Cal Lutheran I second-guessed myself, wasn’t sure of my purpose in life, and recently had the worst best friend breakup ever (if you know, you know) but all of this changed when I joined Delight Cal Lutheran and became a writer for Her Campus. I quickly learned that my purpose didn’t have to rely on school; instead, I could write about things that give me joy, and being intentional with my relationship with God would give me all the confidence I need. 

thank you for my education

Even though the pandemic put me through an abundance of mental challenges I learned to be more appreciative of my education. When quarantine hit, I was able to dedicate more time and energy to my classes since all of my extracurricular activities were stripped from me. From the countless mornings and nights I spent studying and reading a lot more, I learned what a privilege it was to fill my time learning new material. Better yet, when our school announced that we were to come back to campus this past fall I took in all the moments I had inside the classroom and grew a newly learned appreciation for in-class discussions and lectures. 

thank you for the memories

I could say that my best memories from college were from going out with friends, fancy dinners, and parties on the weekends but it’s quite frankly the opposite. My best memories have been from spontaneously deciding to get taco bell at 1 am after my best friends and I agreed to go to bed “early” that night, watching the Bachelor on Monday nights, early morning chats with my best friends before class and debriefing with my roommates after every class. These moments will be in my heart forever and I thank Cal Lutheran for providing me with these memories. 

Elysia Williams

Cal Lutheran '22

HI! My name is Elysia but you can call me Sia for short. I am a leader of Delight Ministries at Cal Lutheran and a writer for Her Campus. In my free time, I am usually with my friends or family making memories.