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Thanksgiving is looking very different this year. Given that we are still in quarantine, and especially because of our recent transition to stricter COVID-19 regulations, it is difficult to celebrate with our friends and family the way we usually do. Many people who were hoping to be able to have large Thanksgiving gatherings and Friendsgivings now have to either cancel or host these parties virtually, which is just not the same even though it is the best we can do in these circumstances. Even though we cannot celebrate like we usually do, this can still be an important time for reflection. 

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For me, quarantine has been difficult because I miss so many aspects of my normal life. I miss going to class and being able to hang out with people in person rather than on Zoom. I feel as though I have met so many people this past year online through clubs and social media, but at the same time, it is all virtual so it does not feel the same as getting to know them in-person. Despite how different communication feels this year, I am grateful for all the friends that I have been able to keep in contact with over quarantine whether I have been able to see them in person or on Zoom. 

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The main thing I have noticed since restrictions were put in place is that I have learned to be content with less.  COVID regulations have required us to get creative with how we can stay connected. Because my friends and I are not able to go and do many of the things we would like to do, we have to be content with what we are able to do, even if it is as simple as a group of us getting together and sitting six feet apart in a park. I used to get caught up in making elaborate plans with my friends and feeling like we always had to be doing something fun and exciting, but this quarantine has reminded me that I really just need to be able to have quality time with them, even if we are not able to go out. Last year, I lived in the dorms with my best friends and spent almost all of my time with them. Now that I am back home, I miss all of the time we spent together doing absolutely nothing, and I appreciate all of our Facetime calls and the times we do get to hang out in person so much more than I did before. 

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With the holidays coming up, now is the time to take a step back and examine all of the things that we have to be grateful for, despite feeling like we are not getting the full experience. I feel like a good way to view our situation is that it will make us appreciate the holidays and the time we spend together even more. It will help us keep in mind what is the most important part of the holidays, and that is being able to spend it with the people we love.

Anna Henson

Cal Lutheran '23

Hi! My name is Anna Henson and I am a junior history pedagogy major at California Lutheran University. I love all types of writing including research for my major and fun opinion articles! I am pursuing a teaching credential to help students develop their writing and thinking skills to express themselves clearly and creatively. I also love iced coffee, Tiktok, and the color pink!
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