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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

I’m sure you have had those mornings where you look for an outfit and you end up standing there staring at your clothes. You know you need to find an outfit quickly as you have to get to class but you just get stuck. I have realized that having basics in your wardrobe makes it easier to put together outfits quickly in the mornings that not only help you look good but make you feel good too. 

Some of the basics that I find most helpful in my wardrobe are… 

  • White shirts
    • A white shirt instantly makes you look put together. You can decide what style of shirt you like the most, whether that be oversized or fitted, and how you style it. You can wear it over a tank and leave it open, if it’s oversized you can tuck it in, or even wear it as a dress with a matching belt. Matching your white shirt with a pair of white sneakers, boots or heels easily make a classic look.
  • Tanks 
    • Every wardrobe should have a white, tan and black tank top. Again, the exact style can be left up to you but having these in your wardrobe means that you can make a lot of outfits. They are good for wearing under other items, layering in the colder weather or simply by themselves.
  • Jeans
    • We all know that jeans are a staple in every wardrobe. Having them in a variety of colors, washes, fits and styles such as ripped or plain, makes it easier to vary outfits. Regardless of your favorite styles make sure to have light and dark pairs as well as ripped and not ripped.
  • White sneakers
    • White sneakers are a wardrobe essential as they match with everything. They can be worn with jeans, sweatsuits and even sundresses. Finding white sneakers you love and that are comfortable is essential. Just make sure to keep them clean!
  • Boots
    • Boots are definitely a wardrobe essential – one that I overlooked until recently. Overtime, try to build your wardrobe to have black and neutral boots. I find that having both boots with and without heels also makes it easier to style outfits. Boots with heels are great as they can be dressed up for the evening and dressed down for day to day wear. 
  • Oversized shirt
    • An easy way to make an outfit look put together is to match elements of your outfit. When I am struggling to find an outfit I like to wear jeans and a tank of a plain color – usually either black or white – and then grab an oversized shirt and match it with my shoes. This is a quick way to make any outfit look good.
  • Blazers
    • Like oversized shirts, blazers are a great option to level up an everyday outfit. Matching blazers with a pair of heels or boots makes for a classy outfit. Blazers are very versatile as you can wear them with jeans, pants, skirts, dresses and even biker shorts. 
  • Matching sets
    • As soon as I put on a matching set I feel like I have my life together. Matching sets are an easy way to look sleek without much effort. Try incorporating some matching sweatshirts and sweatpants set into your wardrobe for those cold, early morning classes. 
  • Crewnecks
    • I personally find crew necks easier to style than hoodies. Crew necks are not only comfortable but I like to have crewnecks in a variety of sizes. I size down if I want to wear it with loser fitting jeans and size up if I want to opt for a more comfortable option with leggings. You can also choose to have collars of shirts underneath showing at the top as well as necklaces that can make a statement.

Building your wardrobe takes time as it isn’t possible to do it all at once. The most important thing is that you wear what you like and what makes you feel good. Try taking some of these ideas and adapting them to your style! Finding what you like and what works for you can take some time so don’t stress and try to enjoy the process.

Beth Baker

Cal Lutheran '23

I am a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. I am interested in fashion, beauty and makeup.