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Stages of Girl Scout Cookie Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

It seems that Girl Scout Cookie Season is upon us. The first representation of this “season” was the little table set up outside Starbucks where a girl scout troop practically sold out of their cookie supply by preying on hungry, girl-scout-cookie-loving college students. Which means that there can only be more, and once you’ve had a taste, there is no going back. Here are the stages of girl scout cookie season. 


1. Awareness


2. The Hunt


3. The Purchase


4. The Enjoyment of Eating 



And when the cookies are all gone, you just repeat steps 2-4!



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Andrea Whisler

Cal Lutheran

I am currently a Senior at California Lutheran University and my major is Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and my minor is Communications. I have a passion for all writing, sports, puppies, and food.
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