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As a self-proclaimed wimp, horror movies are hard for me to get through. The adrenaline rush from watching them is always fun, but I would much rather get into the spooky spirit by watching something less scary. To get you through the rest of October, here are some spooky non-horror movie recommendations to add to your watch-list.

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  • Scary Godmother (2003): This movie is one of my personal favorites to watch around Halloween. It centers around Hannah, a little girl who has to go trick or treating with her older cousin Jimmy. Because he and his friends are a lot older than Hannah, they don’t like that she’s tagging along. They try to get rid of Hannah by scaring her and making her trick or treat at the “Spook House.”  In the house, she meets Scary Godmother, who invites her to spend Halloween with her to teach Hannah that the creatures of the night aren’t all that scary. The movie, which was released in 2003, is done entirely in outdated CGI, but I think the style of animation definitely adds to its charm. The entire movie is available to watch for free on Youtube.

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975): This eccentric cult-classic is not necessarily a Halloween movie, but it is a great watch regardless. Recently engaged couple Brad and Janet decide to go visit their old professor, whose class they met in and fell in love. On their way to see him, they get stuck in the rain with a flat tire and decide to go up to the mansion down the road to ask for a telephone. There they find Dr. Frank-n-Furter, a scientist who is about to unveil his greatest creation. This musical is widely-loved for a reason, and you’ll love it if you enjoy campy movies. Rocky Horror is available to rent on Youtube for $3.99.

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  • The Witches (1990): This movie is one that terrified me as a child but became a fun and cheesy movie to watch as I got older. This classic is about a young boy named Luke that uncovers a witch convention at a hotel. When the head witch finds him snooping around, she turns him into a mouse. With the help of his grandma, Luke tries to stop the witches’ evil plot and turn himself back into a boy. Everything about the special effects, makeup, wardrobe, and the little prop mouse just adds to the appeal of this movie. The Witches is currently available to stream on Netflix.

  • The Addams Family (1991 & 2019): The quintessential Halloween movie and its animated reboot are the perfect movies for the season. The 1991 live-action Addams Family has already established itself as one of the most iconic spooky season movies of our time, and its cult following makes that clear. Its 2019 animated counterpart hasn’t amassed the same following, but it still has the staple creep and charm of the Addams Family. Both movies follow plots where some force attempts to come for the family’s beloved home, and they fight back against it to protect what’s theirs. The live-action Addams Family is currently available on Netflix, while the animated version is streaming on Hulu.


I hope these movies bring you laughs and joy throughout this season and give you alternatives to the typical suspenseful slasher flicks. Happy Halloween to you all!

Emely Salguero

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