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Simply Regal: Interview-Ready

Here is an outfit that I wore for a job interview. This might seem like a boring subject but I found it super hard to form an outfit to wear. Tbh, partially the reason it was hard for me to get an outfit together was because I hadn’t done laundry. But, as a girl who owns a lot of “dress” clothes, it says something when I can’t find what to wear. And it was really hot, even though it’s December.

In the end, I decided to follow advice from a friend. He suggested neutrals with a pop of color. I did red as my pop of color because it’s my favorite color and makes me feel great; thus, a tip of mine is to pick a color that makes you feel good. Feeling good about what you’re wearing is really important during an interview.

Since, this was an on-campus interview, I didn’t get too gussied up. I kept my makeup on the lighter side—the lighter side for me, still had to have winged eyeliner. I also kept my jewelry memorable. I then just wore black flats. Just keep things modest in most aspects when getting dressed for an interview.

My biggest tip would be to sit up straight and smile. Sitting up straight makes you look confident and smiling makes you seem like you’re happy to be there. To all the readers out there applying for jobs: good luck!  And in case you were wondering, I got the job!


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