Simply Regal: Haute Couture

What is Haute Couture? Well, haute comes from the French word meaning “high” or “elegant” and couture literally means “sewing.” These terms have come to indicate the business of lavish dresses. Each outfit or dress (mostly evening gowns) is made by a team of specialists and it can take weeks to produce a finished product. An evening dress usually starts at $60,000, and around 2,000 women from across the globe actually purchase such an extravagant dress. So, why is it important to care about dresses that are so outrageously priced and things we can only dream of? People criticise how frivolous haute couture is but it is an expression of the designer. I guess one could say the dresses are literal pieces of moving art. Just like portraits are custom made for the customer, dresses are hand sewn for the wearer. The designer is given a list of what the buyer wants and they work their magic. After some time and a lot of hard work, Voila! A masterpiece has been born. Here are some examples that debuted this year and surely have buyers lined up for them.


Chanel 2016

Elie Saab 2016

Valentino 2016

Viktor & Rolf 2016

Photos via Vogue 

Next time someone criticizes haute couture and questions why it is even still relevant, just remember that this is an art and should be appreciated just like a painting hanging in a museum.