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Second Annual Delta Sigma Pi Panel

On November 8th, 2016, Delta Sigma Pi hosted their second panel. They invited four professionals from around the Conejo Valley. The panelists included Deborah Kniss, Spencer Marcus, Jill Lederer, and Tony DiRaimondo. Deborah, class of 1979, is an accomplished entrepreneur who develops and distributes content about emerging market trends for nationwide industry education. Spencer is a recent Cal Lu grad who works at Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor. Jill is the president and CEO of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce. And Tony is a US Army Veteran, active volunteer with For the Troops, and founder of Hospitality Taskforce Inc. All together they were able to share different perspectives and advice for the fraternity Brothers. 
Spencer discussed the importance of declaring an emphasis within a Business Administration major. Spencer talked about declaring whether you are a finance, accounting, or economics major. The other majors are a little more flexible. Tony also talked about being flexible in the workforce. A lot of people do not stay within the same career for their entire life. He said the most important thing is to have a good character, be honest, be dependable, and be someone people will want to emullate. Jill went on to stress the importance of networking and meeting new people. She said in college she learned how to do so and also how to get the job done. 

Besides having work experience and good references there are also fundamental skills that are necessary to be successful. Tony talked about being trustworthy, honest, and having high integrity. He also talked about doing volunteer work and things you’re passionate about. This is exactly what Deborah touched base on as well. She said if she could go back and do something differently she would volunteer more. She said to do things you love and then you’ll meet people who love to do the same things as you. Talk more to those people and get to know them better. This will improve your communication skills.
A question I bet we all think about or are asked is how we define success and how we wish to obtain it. The four panelists answered this question somewhat differently. Spencer said he looks as it from a macro angle and then a micro one. His first priority is to keep his job by supplying his company with a certain amount of money. Then he wanted to make sure every one of his clients trusts him and what he’s doing. He wants to take the best care of them he can. Deborah’s definition was somewhat similiar saying she wants to keep her clients happy and give them the best services without them realizing it. And she said it’s important for her to go to sleep at night knowing she did so. Tony explained achieving significant and meaningful goals. He said to think about others who would have a benefit and help those who can’t help themselves. Lastly, Jill said for her they were a little less defined. She said to define success for yourself and then come up with ways of how you can provide it for yourself and the people you love. To make sure to provide a meaningful lifestyle- whatever that means to you. 

Lastly, they closed off by giving all the Brothers advice and assuring them they were going to be alright since they were already getting involved and wanting to better themselves and their future. Spencer said to enjoy college and put it into perspective. “Make sure to enjoy every part of it!” Jill said to be confident and know that you’re doing well at an excellent school. To also behave well because your reputation is important. And finally to be solution oriented and be a person people can rely on. Tony continued and said not to think you have to know all of the answers. You will have good days and bad days. You will run into bumps and you will have failures. It won’t always be smooth. And Deborah followed by saying to make sure to continue networking and meeting new people because it really is all about who you know. 
Delta Sigma Pi absolutely loved the panelists and really appreciated them coming out and sharing their knowledge. It was a great opportunity and an amazing night of learning. 

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