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San Diego for the Weekend? Here’s Your Plan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

It’s summer, you live in Southern California, and your life just became 1000% less stressful with another school year ending. What’s a better thing to do than jet off to San Diego for the weekend? Whether you want to incorporate all or some of these ideas, here’s your itinerary for a fun (and foodie) weekend in the beautiful west coast city.


Wake up early. (Early being 5:00am to my best friend and I.) Leave by 6. Smoothly coast down to San Diego with limited traffic and a lot of music.

Get breakfast at Communal Coffee. We recommend splitting the Toast Flight because six pieces of beautifully made toasts is basically paradise. Make sure to check out the greenhouse next door as well.

Stop and smell the roses at Balboa Park or take a look around the various museums there. You will not be disappointed.

Zoom down to Mission Bay for paddle boarding, and attempt not to die by standing up on the board (we chose to sit on them). Afterwards, hop over to the Cheesy Express down the street to eat gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches of every form and flavor.

Head to Coronado Island to tan on the beach and walk around the town. Remember your sunscreen.

Check out the Gaslamp District for nightlife. My friend and I didn’t realize how crazy this area would be. We couldn’t decide on anything to eat, so we had cake for dinner because why not. Then, we bopped on over to the Bassmnt, an 18+ club that worked for both of us. Definitely buy advance tickets for this if you’re interested as pre-sale was $10 vs. $25 at the door. All of the music was EDM and pretty hilarious. It was an interesting experience, but we definitely made some fun, 5 minute friends.


After sleeping in, we headed to Holy Matcha, a cafe serving special, matcha-only foods and drinks. The matcha donuts are a must.

Being the foodies we are, we darted over to the Square Bar, where we drank some delicious, lavender-infused Boba. It was a good choice.

Of course we had to stop by La Jolla, where we said hi to the seals and sea lions hanging out at the cove (there were like over a hundred). Once again, we got our tan on and tried not to get too much sand in our swimsuits. Until Sara threw some on me and started a war. (Not cool.)

Naturally, we ended our trip with In n Out and stopped by the Irvine Spectrum on our drive back. If you bounce by San Diego any time soon, I wish you the best and most fabulous Insta pics as well as a lovely, relaxing weekend.

* All photos taken by the author

My name is Samantha Meyer, but most people call me Sam. I'm a freshman at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. I'm an Interdisciplinary Studies Major, and I hope to teach first grade, become a principal, and write novels. I have a high school background in journalistic writing and photography. You can find me at your nearest Trader Joes or coffee shop, catching up on world news, Cosmo's snap story or just snacking on some quality fruits.
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