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Recap of International Women’s Day

For all identifying women, Happy belated International Women’s Day from Her Campus at Cal Lutheran!

On Wednesday March 8th, Her Campus hosted an event on the spine where 18 different clubs and offices on campus came together to celebrate women!

Her Campus had a table set up where people could fill out notecards and finish the sentence “I am inspired by women because…” or “I am proud to be a woman because…”

Study Abroad had an activity where you could take a picture with famous people who have studied abroad, and CLU’s Veteran Resources had a wonderful board put together of notable historical women that served for their country as well. It is so amazing to see so many notable female historical figures that are not taught about in the classroom. The table for the Center for Equality and Justice had flyers out and are currently looking for volunteers to help set up their group home in Moorpark for women who have been rescued from sex-trafficking through an organization called Heart of Jubilee. For anyone interested in helping, I will include contact information at the bottom of this article.There was tons of music, roses (thanks to iCLU Radio), and candy to go around and it was incredibly touching to see what women wrote about being a woman or a woman in their life that they are proud of. We still have the rest of March, thankfully, to appreciate the women in our lives and to learn about the truly amazing women who came before us. And for all the ladies out there who joined us later in life, this is your history too. This is your time for appreciation, and just like they say in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; “females are strong as hell!” So, go forth and conquer my fellow women, because March is OUR month to appreciate each other.


Heart of Jubilee

P.O. Box 1337

Moorpark, Ca 93021


*all photos are property of the author, Julia Lockhart

Hi I'm Julia Lockhart. I am originally from Washington and I am at Cal Lutheran studying Sociology. I like good coffee, the color grey, and cold case documentaries.
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