Reasons to Attend the Sage the Gemini Concert

ASCLUG and students across campus have put in a lot of work to make this thing happen. Here's why you should come out, have fun, and support them!

1) Tickets are $5 for students! Use the code CLUSTUDENT when purchasing tickets here.

2) Support Battle of the Band winners Lancer Roscoe and Nolan Forghani who are receiving the special opportunity to open for the concert.  

3) Take red carpet photos at Her Campus’s photo booth!

4) Invite friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else from outside of Cal Lutheran! All are welcome!

5) When the turnout for one concert goes well, the school receives more funding for the next, meaning bigger artists in the future.

6) Feed the desire Coachella made you feel for becoming a concert and music festival regular.


7) Dance around!

8) Sit on the bleachers and eat snacks!

9) Have fun and relax before finals.

10) And because what else is going on at CLU on a Friday night?


Yeah, that's what I thought. So come out to the concert!