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Ranking the Peanuts Movies So You Don’t Have To

If you grew up like me, you watched the Peanuts movies, more widely known as the Charlie Brown Movies. Charles M. Schulz first created the Peanuts franchise in 1950 as comic strips for the Sunday newspapers. The whole plot of the comics was centered around a group of children with the main character being Charlie Brown who didn’t have a lot of self-confidence and was often bullied for how nervous he was in certain situations. He eventually gets a beagle, named Snoopy, who has Woodstock (a small yellow bird) as a sidekick. The comic strips were seemingly sarcastic, funny, complex, and honestly relatable at times. Later on, the comic strips were turned into movies, TV shows/specials, merchandise, etc. My parents used to own VHS tapes and DVDs of the many Peanuts movies when I was younger. 

So with that being said, I’m going to rank the Peanuts movies that I know, love, and grew up on so you don’t have to. If you haven’t seen any of these or you’re missing out on one, I suggest you watch it! These movies scream nostalgia and remind me so much of my childhood, so I’d like to share them with you! Keep in mind, though, some are movies and some are TV specials. Also, I’m not ranking them all, I’m only doing the ones I have seen. Ok, grab your popcorn and let’s get into it now…

#1 A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

All around, this Peanuts movie takes the cake; it is IMPECCABLE. The movie screams Christmas and is a perfect, timeless movie to enjoy with the family. The soundtrack is amazing and to top that the plot is simple. Also, who doesn’t love Linus’ speech on ‘What Christmas is All About’ and his recitation of the scripture from Luke 2:8-14? I hope this movie can still be a classic in years to come. Did I mention that the over-commercialization of Christmas gets addressed in the movie? (Finally, someone has the guts to say it!)

#2 It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (1966)

This movie is yet another classic and it is so FUN to watch. I’m going to brag a little bit here and just say I can recite almost all of the lines by heart from this movie. But, I will also admit that when I was little I used to cry when Snoopy, a.k.a the World War One Flying Ace, starts to cry while he dances to Schroeder’s sad song on the piano. Linus is absolutely adorable in this movie and every year I carve a pumpkin with the face that Violet draws on Charlie Brown’s head at the Halloween Party. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and every year I watch the Great Pumpkin. I was even Charlie Brown’s Ghost costume for Halloween (and, no, I did not get a rock while trick-or-treating).

#3 Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!) [1980]

This is an underrated classic that I would’ve never known about if my parents hadn’t shown me the VHS tape of this movie. Why is it so high up on the list? Well, my Dad and I ALWAYS quote from this movie because, honestly, it’s pretty funny. The adventure part of the peanuts gang is something viewers have never seen before; I mean, come on, they go to ENGLAND AND FRANCE and show all of the ups and downs of traveling abroad. The best scene, however, is when they stop for bread to make sandwiches and Charlie Brown walks through the door, breaking the Baguette into three pieces (at least 4 times) as he holds it horizontally. Because of this, I’m still scared to hold a baguette horizontally. 

#4 It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown (1974)

I think this movie was what sparked me to always have a love for coloring eggs during Easter, but I’m not as nearly as bad as Marcy when I do. Also, who needs an Easter Bunny when you have an Easter Beagle? This Easter special is so wholesome and sweet and gives us a carefree Snoopy trying his best to bring the spirit to all of the kids for Easter. Honestly, you can’t ever go wrong with this super cute movie.

#5 A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

Yes, it’s a classic, but I had to give this movie fifth place. As I got older, I realized that the only fun and interesting scene is when they cook the popcorn, pretzel, toast, and jellybean feast. The rest of the movie is filled with useless and dry dialogue while Peppermint Patty acts ungrateful towards everyone (yet again, especially to Charlie Brown). But, I will say that the movie’s soundtrack and the ending scene of the kids going to Charlie Brown’s grandmother’s house are always nostalgic. 

#6 Snoopy Come Home (1972) 

This movie always made me SOB as a little kid, but who am I kidding, it still does to this day. The setting and art for the movie scenes are honestly really pretty and painted beautifully. Snoopy Come Home also has a couple of fun songs and it showcases Snoopy and Woodstock really going out on their own without the gang. But let’s face it, I am so glad Snoopy came home because those previous owners did NOT deserve him at all. Oh wait, did I just spoil it? Oops, sorry… I mean, what do you expect? It’s a Peanuts movie, so it’s going to end happily. Though it always made me sad, I’m so glad Snoopy realized the important friends and family he has. Also, it has the iconic NO DOGS ALLOWED scenes and they’re hilarious.  

#7 It’s Christmastime again Charlie Brown (1992)

I have to say, this TV special has some funny scenes. From Rerun on his mother’s bike to the Christmas wreaths Charlie Brown tries to sell, or even to the mentioning of ‘Hockey Stick’ instead of ‘Hark!’ by Sally, this Christmas classic sure makes you laugh. It might not be like A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it’s more of a lighthearted and funny Christmas movie to watch for the holidays with friends and family.

#8 Snoopy’s Reunion (1991)

Baby Snoopy and his puppy siblings. That is ALL I have to say. Not the best movie, but you better shed some tears out of how adorable this movie is. If you like to see dogs creating high jinks with musical abilities then this is the movie for you. But since the rest of the Peanuts gang isn’t in it and the puppies do eventually get separated (and then come together for a reunion), it’s not necessarily my favorite Peanuts movie ever made. I kind of just want to own a ton of black and white beagles now, I am not going to lie…

#9 A Charlie Brown Valentine (2002)

One of the newer Peanuts movies with a very simple plot and setting. It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air for the Peanuts gang. Unfortunately, that means Charlie Brown obsessing over the Little Red-Haired Girl and not doing anything about it (therefore this isn’t an eventful Peanuts movie). For next year’s Valentines that I will be giving out, catch me writing the poem: Chocolate chip cookies are red, chocolate chip cookies are blue, chocolate chip cookies are sweet, and so are you.

Yes, yes I realized that there are only nine ratings and I have yet to chip away at the other movies and TV specials Peanuts has. Also, I’m sorry for ending on an odd number. I hope you enjoyed (more so actually agreed with) how I reviewed and ranked each one. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do a Peanuts marathon watching all of these and I suggest you do too. After thinking of how you’d rank them, which one is your favorite?

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