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Rambunctious Ruth

Name: Ruth Margaret Smitherman

From: Roy, Washington

Major: Biology 

Year: Sophomore


Her Campus Cal Lutheran: Why did you choose Cal Lutheran?

Ruth Smitherman: “I loved the people, there is a really positive community here and I love the small class sizes.”

HCCLU: What got you interested in trying out for the Improv Troupe?

RS: “I had a friend last year tell me about it and so I thought I’d just kind of show up and try out, but I didn’t make it. I started taking the class and I took it all last year and I really just fell in love. And I met my boyfriend Grant through the class. I am so excited to join such a fun, talented, and hilarious group of people.”

HCCLU: What was your audition like?

RS: “I was soooooo nervous. Auditions are a lot like the shows, you get to get up and play games and be silly with everyone. Auditions are great because the best improvisors make everyone around them look good. It makes them way more fun than the traditional “A Chorus Line” type line up. It’s very fast paced and high energy which helps keep you from getting too nervous. Most people have to pee when they are nervous, I have to poop. My friends in high school called it the nervous log.”

HCCLU: When did you find out you made the troupe?

RS: “They spent almost 2 hours deciding who was on the troupe and the auditioners left at midnight. I couldn’t sleep, so Grant texted me at like 2am and demanded to tell me in person, so I got up out of bed and dragged my makeup smeared, barefoot booty outside. Grant gave me a big hug and told me I made it!”

HCCLU: Do you like your fellow troupe members?

RS: “I LOVE them. I feel like we all are gonna get along really well. Every time I do scenes with them I can relax and have fun because we just trust each other and feed off each other. I can’t wait to get to know them even more.”

HCCLU: How do you think your first show went?

RS: “I was super nervous, but I think it went really well. It was a really fun show for me, I hope it was from the audience’s perspective!”

HCCLU: Now that you have been on improv, how has that changed your life at school?

RS: “It’s kinda weird because people on campus recognize me. I think people feel I’m more approachable. It’s really fun, I love meeting new people. It’s nice to have people be like ‘great show!’ around campus. It just brightens my day.”

HCCLU: Are you involved in any other activities on campus?

RS: “I’m in Kevin’s play right now, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged. It’s a really fun show!”

HCCLU: Do you have a job?

RS: “If you know anyone who’s hiring, I’m a quick learner and would be perfect for whatever position you need lol.”

HCCLU: What are your life goals?

RS: “I want to spread laughter and happiness in general as well as work in a not-for-profit genetics lab.”

HCCLU: What do you plan to do after you graduate?

RS: “I want to work in a lab until I can pay for my Masters. Hopefully doing something with genetics.”

HCCLU: What are you most excited for this year at Cal Lu?

RS: “I’m hoping to take more classes in my major, be more involved in the theatre department, and going to Disneyland as much as possible.”

HCCLU: Any advice for incoming freshmen?

RS: “Keep your head up! When opportunities come up take them. Join clubs even if it’s scary. And don’t get herpes! (Mount Clef)”

HCCLU: What are some fun/interesting things about you that not most people know?

RS: “I love to hand embroider and cross stitch. It’s really relaxing. I used to dance, but now my downstairs neighbors yell at me for tap dancing in the bathroom. I’m really into avoiding my problems and leftover chinese food.”

Make sure to go to the next Improv show to go see Ruth perform with our awesome Improv Troupe!

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